LE 10 beta for i4 force hdmi resolution

  • I am using my pi 4 to drive my retro-crt TV

    I have the following in config.txt to enforce a 576i resolution.

    The setting is ignored by LE. It just switches to a resolution it has found with the edid from the hdmi <-> vga/rgb converter.

    The crt TV is not happy with a HDresolution :)

    Is this a bug in LE10 or did I overlook something (/lol me stupid)

    Only the "rainbow" boot screen is displayed in 576i.




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    Do you get CVBS output if you disconnect the HDMI/VGA device? .. the hdmi_group/mode/ignore_edid settings no longer work in LE10, the kernel DRM subsystem manages output now (same as all our other devices).

  • Hi Chewitt,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I use the HDMI port with a HDMI -> VGA/RGB sync convertor to drive the CRT directly with a proper RGB signal.

    I do not want to use the (crappy) CVBS output.

    How do you enforce the resolution in LE10 with pi4 ?

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  • Hi Hiassoft

    Thank you for your reply.

    Added to cmdline.txt

    You would say it works, however

    There seems something wrong with interlaced modes coming from the PI4

    anyone with a pi 4 wants to test that?

    Selecting 576p in Kodi settings -> works.

    Selecting 576i in Kodi settings -> garbage pixelated.

    Selecting 480p in Kodi settings -> works.

    Selecting 480i in Kodi settings-> garbage pixelated.

    Please see attached pictures showing 576i pixellated and 576p normal.

    Please understand that it _need_ interlaced. Otherwise the retro CRT TV doesn't like it.

    Also it's the wrong aspect ratio. I want 16:9, not 4:3

    ( :) difficult me)

    Here is a photo I took on a recent-ish lcd tv to illustratie the picture quality problem.

    The retro crt will not want to give a meaningfull picture with this garbage PQ.

  • Thanks for the info!

    I could reproduce the pixelated output issue here and pinged the RPi devs - it looks though as 480i/576i output via HDMI always had this issue on RPi4.

    so long,


  • Hi,

    I updated the RPi4 to the latest release (10.0.1 / 2021.11)

    Is it possible the fix is not yet included?

    480i and 576i modes are still pixelated. (no change in behavior)

    Mayby I am doing something wrong/forget something?

    Want to test/confirm?