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    Hi Chewitt,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I know, but thanks for the clarification.

    That Kodi overrides the set resolution is actually a good thing in this case.

    With Libreelec 11, the interlaced display mode, now works.

    (see: LE 10 beta for i4 force hdmi resolution )

    The command during kernel boot is what is displaying the wrong output mode.

    I ask for 720x576iD in the kernel DRM. Notice the letter i between the numbers 576 and D.

    And I get a 720x576p resolution instead. I could be wrong, but this not what I asked in the kernel drm...

    Anyone who wants to add


    to his cmdline.txt ?

    Then Kodi starts, and "takes over" set the video resolution

    to 576i (good!)

    So basically, at boot up and shut down, our video output

    is "mangled" to 576p (unwanted - the TV can't handle that)

    and when Kodi is started it's Okay, because it's overridden the initial kernel DRM with the correct 576i output.



    Issue with selecting 575i video mode during boot of the Rasberry Pi 4.

    I have the following in cmdline.txt:

    boot=UUID=<uuid value here> quiet video=HDMI-A-1:720x576@50iD

    Expected: See the Libreelec logo in 576i.

    Result: The output switches to 576p

    Picture comes on fine in 576i, when Kodi is booted.

    But during boot, video is in 576p mode.

    How to reproduce: add to /flash/cmdline.txt


    Can you reproduce this issue?

    Greetings & many thanks!

    :) :) Confirm FIXED pixellation problem! :) :)

    Thanks everyone involved for the help!

    This with libreelec 11 on RPI4.

    Just one humble question:

    - How can I set the 16:9 aspect ratio in 576i video mode?

    Because see screenshot, there are two 576i aspect ratio's.

    (16:9 and 4:3)

    The CRT is 16:9, It defaults to 4:3. 4:3 default is okay

    for me, but how to change it?

    - Tried playing with the picture calibration. Some GUI elements are still stretched. Ok for the video.

    It's HDMI mode 22 instead of 21.


    I updated the RPi4 to the latest release (10.0.1 / 2021.11)

    Is it possible the fix is not yet included?

    480i and 576i modes are still pixelated. (no change in behavior)

    Mayby I am doing something wrong/forget something?

    Want to test/confirm?


    Hi Hiassoft

    Thank you for your reply.

    Added to cmdline.txt

    You would say it works, however

    There seems something wrong with interlaced modes coming from the PI4

    anyone with a pi 4 wants to test that?

    Selecting 576p in Kodi settings -> works.

    Selecting 576i in Kodi settings -> garbage pixelated.

    Selecting 480p in Kodi settings -> works.

    Selecting 480i in Kodi settings-> garbage pixelated.

    Please see attached pictures showing 576i pixellated and 576p normal.

    Please understand that it _need_ interlaced. Otherwise the retro CRT TV doesn't like it.

    Also it's the wrong aspect ratio. I want 16:9, not 4:3

    ( :) difficult me)

    Here is a photo I took on a recent-ish lcd tv to illustratie the picture quality problem.

    The retro crt will not want to give a meaningfull picture with this garbage PQ.

    Hi Chewitt,

    Thanks for the reply.

    I use the HDMI port with a HDMI -> VGA/RGB sync convertor to drive the CRT directly with a proper RGB signal.

    I do not want to use the (crappy) CVBS output.

    How do you enforce the resolution in LE10 with pi4 ?

    I am using my pi 4 to drive my retro-crt TV

    I have the following in config.txt to enforce a 576i resolution.

    The setting is ignored by LE. It just switches to a resolution it has found with the edid from the hdmi <-> vga/rgb converter.

    The crt TV is not happy with a HDresolution :)

    Is this a bug in LE10 or did I overlook something (/lol me stupid)

    Only the "rainbow" boot screen is displayed in 576i.




    Contents of the new disp_cap file:

    Code: /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap

    And that's all. :cool:

    If you have edited the file, you will need to restart the device and then you can start the calibration, which will not be lost now.

    Be careful not to accidentally switch to 720x480i60hz if possible, because I don't think European CRT TV with 60Hz will be able to do anything.

    Hi Dtech,


    Thanks for your help.

    BTW your build runs really nice on the S905D w 1Gb, much better then the stock Android firmware.



    Hi Dtech,


    I tried to set the aspect ratio during a playing video, and that indeed works!.

    (Setup -> Video settings -> Video calibration)

    Now both video and GUI look good!

    Just as you said, it does not survive reboot.

    Cool that you can fix this bug :) Thanks!

    What does survive reboot is: during a playing video -> Setup -> Video settings -> stretch to 16:9

    Then the video looks good, but gui is still on 4:3 mode (ugly stretched).

    Hi Dtech,

    Thanks for explaining the steps.

    I understand what you did.

    "disp_cap" contains 576cvbs

    Problem is, that in step 1, I get

    1. TV settings standard 4;3 -> the gui itself shows itself to be 4:3 which is perfecty fine, but not widescreen (black bars left / right)

    2. TV set to 16:9. The gui ratio now looks bad, with everything horizontally stretched. (but no black bars)

    I give up. You did what you could.

    I'll swap the s905 for something that can output widescreen.


    Hi Dtech,

    Thanks for the try!

    That looks indeed just fine.

    Thanks for testing it!

    Did you stretch it from 4:3 to 16:9 with the video calibration? It shows an adjustment of 1,4.

    Without video cal, did you not have 4:3?

    Fixing 4:3 to 16:9 with video calibration,

    isn't that "wrong way" to do that?

    Gui settings aspect ratio still mangled at wrong res.

    I am not sure.

    Maybe the question is more:

    How can I put in a custom resolution in Libreelec?

    Maybe I am asking in this in the wrong forum?

    No offence meant!


    Found something is dmesg about screen aspect.

    [ 19.147831@3] vdac_enable: on:1,module_sel:8

    [ 19.147881@3] tv_vout: new mode =576cvbs set ok

    [ 19.147900@3] vout_serve: vinfo mode is: 576cvbs

    [ 19.147920@3] vout_serve: new mode 576cvbs set ok

    [ 19.147972@3] hdmitx: edid: not find mapped vic

    [ 19.147992@3] hdmitx: edid: not find mapped vic

    [ 19.148024@3] hdmitx: video: get current mode: 576cvbs

    [ 19.148041@3] hdmitx: update rx hdr info 0

    [ 19.148058@3] hdmitx: update physcial size: 4 3