Samba shares problem with LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.90.008 [WORKAROUND]

  • There should be a fix in 7.90.010 for copy-to-HDD issue.

    In the meantime change "strict allocate = yes" to "strict allocate = no" in your /storage/.config/samba.conf

    but no any news about the main (original) problem of this thread?

    Running Kodi 17 thanks to LibreELEC on Odroid C2 and on Raspberry Pi 2

  • Just to throw this into the mix - I've been using the CIFS method to map network shares (Mounting network shares - OpenELEC), following various inconsistent experiences using SMB/NFS shares. Are there any reasons that I shouldn't use this method to map shares? I know it's not using Kodi native network share mapping but I haven't noticed any performance issues as a result.

    I do have a followup question to do with monitoring of network shares and remounting if necessary, but if you can convince me that it's a bad thing to do, my FUQ is moot.


  • No reasons not to use OS shares IMHO. They can perform better than Kodi shares as there is more flexibility at your disposal when mounting the shares. About the only downside is that OS shares might stop working whenever the remote server is rebooted - Kodi shares will be mounted as required so this is less of an issue when using Kodi shares. OS shares work best with a remote server that is available 24x7.

  • Has this issue been fixed or do we still have to do the work around?

    Nope, the "fix" I have been able to implement expands the number of items returned by my server, but if that isn't enough which is the case for several of my photo shares, then the problem continues: SMB workaround Kodi don't appear to be interested in this bug report, so I'm not hopeful of a swift resolution.