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    Oh well...that seems logic. I will test the newest version.

    By the way, some times my Libreelec device randomly shuts down. Its rare, like 1 time on each 10. And in the logs I don't seem to find any information. Can it be related with the usage of an old (legacy) driver (as a fix for this issue on the thread, of course) ?

    EDIT: Tested the suspend function and not working. Reverting changes to legacy driver. Frustrating...

    Just out of curiosity, using ASUS EB 1033

    Im seriously thinking of moving towards NVIDIA SHIELD at this time. Anyway I love Libreelec and know its not its fault. But I guess on Black Friday 2 NVIDIA SHIELDS will come this way and I will move on from Libreelec to Android at this time. Everything works.

    It would require someone testing with affected hardware and the latest 384.59 driver (which you can find in these LE9/Kodi 18 test builds) to know for sure.

    There is one mention of a suspend bug fix in 384.59 but it only applies to SLI so is unlikely to be responsible for the issues reported in this thread, but you never know what else might have been fixed...

    384.59 will be in the next LibreELEC 8 official release (once Kodi 17.4 is released).

    By the way, I am about to make a fresh install of libreelec on an external SSD plugged in via USB3, i read in the Wiki that for intel builds the suspend doesnt work if installed on externals. Will this happened to me? And why doesnt it work? It isnt listed in the wiki and Ive tried searching to no avail...

    Do you even have any share defined in samba.conf? Or the part above is everything in samba.conf?

    Start with clean version from /etc/samba/smb.conf and then add/change whatever you need.

    Removing the samba.conf file stops displaying the error when libreelec starts up, but then again I lose all the settings. Something must be wrong with the previous samb.conf file (which I backed up prior to deleting it via SSH), thing is...what? And yes the above is in samba.conf.

    Yes I have the shares defined in my samba.conf.

    I've upgraded to 8.0.2 and all of a sudden when I start my machine I get an error message saying:

    "Failed to start samba SMB daemon

    It also says someting like : "check systemstatus ctl" or "sysctl" is it possible? (I cant read that much, its too fast...)

    Also, when I try to access my SAMBA network via the same libreelec machine i get: unknown error 8216

    I can access via SSH but this is so far the only log file I can provide (pls tell me if there is another way):


    PS: All my library plays fine (i have a NAS), its just the fricking SMB access via my PC to my Libreelec that doesnt work.


    EDIT: This is what my samba.conf file has:

    EDIT: Removing the samba.conf file stops displaying the error when libreelec starts up, but then again I lose all the settings. Something must be wrong with the previous samb.conf file (which I backed up prior to deleting it via SSH), thing is...what? It was all ok in previous Libreelec versions!

    Afraid I don't understand the question - what input prompt are you referring to? The workaround involves creating the udev file as per post #3.

    I was asking which is the method to "revert" the changes. I mean, to force the legacy driver I've entered the input on the first page (via SSH).

    How it's done to undo it then, i.e.: to delete the legacy drivers (once updated ones come out) ?

    Im having the exact same problem when asking to suspend. In my case screen goes black as reported here with the underscore as well. My USB dongle (for the remote) stays with the red light turned on (as if I were constantly pressing some button forever...)
    I thought I was alone on this until I find this thread.

    Geforce GT 610M here. So, its only a matter of waiting?

    Legacy driver solves this issue but cmon....:D

    Another question, once we enforce the legacy driver, all it needs to revert to the actual one is to update the LibreELEC again?

    PS: I'm on LE 8.0 ofc.


    So you need me to post a debug log when I press the turn off button?

    It's pretty simple actually. on the previous version of LibreELEC (latest jarvis) everything was fine, I setted up "suspend" on the settings menu, and instead of shutting down the machine would...suspend.

    Since the new version (8.0) altough the settings are doesn't work. Screen goes black and the machine doesn't enter suspension mode. I've downgraded and it Works, so only on 8.0 it's broken. Ive seen it reported on this fórum as a "Broken feature".

    I really need to turn on debug log and try and reproduce the behaviour?

    Hardware related: Im on an Asus EB 1033 with the latest bios and the geforce 610m

    EDIT: As I said, it's been reported officially (thread-4032-post-29407.html):
    You even answered in that thread thing is...i dont know what to do at this moment. Doesnt the 8.0 includes the nvidia fix?

    So, altough the option is there, my machine does not enter suspend.

    I've seen on AMLOGIC section that this is a known bug/issue, my question is: Will it be looked into, eventually?

    I need this because I cant power on my ASUS machine from my remote once it's turned off... only manually

    It also happens to me. I solved this by unplugging and plugging back in the rj45 in the switch...wierd but true...
    Maybe its related to network traffic and the way as libreelec deals with it?

    Cause it happens on both my machines. Nothing in windows pc tough.

    (all files are stored in a synology 1813+)

    A few things to know .. :-)

    The LibreELEC team does not develop the AEON MQ7 skin. So any specific questions are better asked at its developer(s).
    Kodi does not have an extensive error display on-screen, but all should be kept in the kodi.log file, especially when 'debugging' has been enabled. Crashes can prevent the creation/updating of log files. Nobody is perfect.

    LibreELEC is currently focusing on Kodi 17 (Krypton), which is in Alpha status, where errors/bloopers/crashes are very much possible. LibreELEC 7.0.x is unlikely to get any updates.

    I know you don't develop lool :) I know the developer, I was just adding to the description. The internal search is KODI based. I will then turn the debug on and report back

    Hello all, just migrated from OpenELEC to this piece of awesomeness.

    The problem I will describe, tough, also migrated from one O/S to the other :@ :@

    It's quite simple actually, but I cannot find it on the logs.

    80% of the times I use the "search" function from within the library view (any view) on my AEON MQ7 skin, the system freezes for about 3-5 seconds, shows NO ERROR whatsoever and then blacks out, showing a static mouse pointer in the middle of the screen for 2-5 seconds and prompts the KODI Jarvis boot and procedes (ok) to the menu again.

    No errors, no log reports...just awkward af!

    I thought it would be solved in OpenELEC but nope...

    Please suggetions?