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    saw this on Wetek Forum

    And I guess there won't be a Linux image, because it has AndroidTV OS certiefied by Google, which doesn't allow to boot another OS, so there sadly won't be a way to use LibreELEC on Wetek Air. (asked today as well)

    I just saw this - so I guess not.

    IIRC the Wetek Air has a locked bootloader so you can’t install anything but their original Android. No idea why they went this way cause Wetek already sponsors LibreELEC and codesnake was always the one supporting WeTek Devices.

    I frequently have the same issue.

    I have multiple Hard Drives accessed over my home network. When I play a movie from a hard drive that is asleep it takes about 30 seconds for the movie to start. But I can stop that movie and start it again (or start another movie on the same drive) and it starts right away. But if I start a movie from another drive that is asleep, the delay occurs again.

    I thought is was the drive was slow to wake up (like a teenager) - Kodi is telling the hard drive to wake up and the hard drive is saying "five more minutes".

    I have a Wetek Play 2 and 008 works better.

    I was having a lot of issues with the previous couple of beta releases with losing the video signal - usually when idle for a few seconds or minutes. The fix was to switch my TV to a different input and then back - that would get the video signal back. I use the optical cable for audio, so I could still hear the sound during this process.

    But I used 008 for a few hours last night and it only happened once which is much better than it used to be.

    EDIT - I used it again for 4 hours last night and it worked flawlessly.

    I have the Play 2 connected straight into my bargain brand TV, I use the Optical cable connected to my Receiver for the audio.

    Note: the pass through audio works now as well, Thanks

    Soapy Smith , when you say "video was set to..", you refer to the LibreELEC UI resolution (Settings->System->Display->Resolution) ? Is it a behaviour experimented only with this Alpha or also with the official past versions?

    Yes, the LibreElec UI resolution/freq was changed to 4k/30Hz and the video signal quit cutting out after that.

    This behavior started with the Alpha, the previous 8.x version ran fine at 4k/60Hz

    I have had to use diskpart to format USB sticks and Micro SD cards.

    WARNING - You can reformat your hard drive if you pick the wrong disk

    DiskPart provides you information about your partitions and volumes, allows you to delete and create partitions, extend NTFS volumes, etc.
    Let’s remove unallocated space. First of all run Windows command line and type diskpart in the command prompt. Windows will ask you for Administrator permissions to run the tool. Then run list disk command to find your USB flash disk’s number. It should be the same as disk’s number in Computer Management tool. It was 1 in my case. Next you should chose the disk to work with. Type select disk <disk number> command, e.g. select disk 1. The next step is to clean all volumes and partitions on the disk. Use clean command to do that. The last step is to create a primary partition. You can do that using create partition primary command. That’s all. You should be able to format your flash disk now.

    This is how I removed unallocated space on my machine:Microsoft DiskPart version 6.2.9200Copyright (C) 1999-2012 Microsoft Corporation.
    On computer: COMPUTERDISKPART> list disk

    Disk ### Status Size Free Dyn Gpt
    -------- ------------- ------- ------- --- ---
    Disk 0 Online 298 GB 0 B
    Disk 1 Online 7509 MB 6619 MB

    DISKPART> select disk 1 Disk 1 is now the selected disk.
    DISKPART> clean DiskPart succeeded in cleaning the disk.
    DISKPART> create partition primary DiskPart succeeded in creating the specified partition.
    DISKPART> exit

    DiskPart Command-Line Options

    Recovering unallocated space of a USB flash drive.

    Thanks for your help.

    I watched this video on youtube (LibreElec has their own channel)

    And it showed how to use Putty to SSH into LibreElec, you can copy the commands from the other thread and Paste them by right clicking in the terminal window. That way you don't have to worry about typos. Make sure you don't have any extra spaces at the beginning or the end.

    Is this something that will be fixed or will Wetek Core users have to do this to run the latest version of LibreElec?