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    Yup, new cable over an adapter any day, just remember the RPi4 is micro not mini

    I bought a new 4k cable for mine and was surprised to see the package labelled "with Ethernet" - didn't know that was a thing with HDMI. It works fine so far although I haven't tried it on a 4k TV yet, I only have 1080p for now.

    You do realise that RPi4 is still Alpha? I'm pretty sure everything you have reported is in the known issues.

    I'm looking to do the same and replace an ageing Intel box with my new RPi4, but it's nowhere near ready for prime time but it's a great first now second release (.002 has just come out).

    I have tested a build of LE9 that has SAMBA v4 and can confirm that SMB v2 and v3 work as I have been able to create CIFS mounts to my shares and they can be accessed, however the main GUI still cannot connect to them until Kodi is updated as well.

    At least things appear to be progressing in the right direction.

    In light of this weekend's fun and games with a certain ransomware running rampant everywhere, I have disabled/uninstalled SMBv1 from all my Windows machines.

    I now find myself unable to see any Windows shares (on a Windows 2012 R2 server) from my LE box, whereas the exact same shares can be seen from all my Windows machines (obviously), Android phones/tablets and a few other devices.

    Any idea when LE/Kodi will have SMB fixed properly?


    linux: enable smb2/3 support for cifs · escalade/[email protected] · GitHub

    I've enabled SMB2/3 in my extended build if you like to test.

    Sure, but how do I update my box? I use the generic_x86_64 builds.

    Ah thanks, but I have no clue what I have or where to find it - was hoping it was a file that already existed.

    I use a rpi3 with an external wifi-usb adapter with a rtl8812au chipset. I adjusted the modules parameters as follows:

    options 8812au rtw_vht_enable=1 rtw_ht_enable=0 rtw_power_mgnt=0 rtw_enusbss=0 rtw_ips_mode=1

    What exact file was this that you edited? My non-USB wireless is having issues needing me to reboot my mini-PC everyday to reconnect, so I'm wondering if something similar is happening in my setup.

    Well I did some more testing.

    First I used a mount command-line to ascertain the correct syntax for the system.d script and then when I got that right I created the folder under "storage" and copied the mount script to my box. I rebooted LE and when I used the file manager I could browse to the new mount under "storage" which I called "test" - I could finally see all the files. Every folder I visited worked as it should showing me the correct number of files and any I tried to view played as expected.

    My next test was to disable SMB1 on the server, "Set-SmbServerConfiguration -EnableSMB1Protocol:$false" if anyone is interested, and I rebooted the LE machine (there is no need to reboot Windows). LE threw a CIFS error during the startup and I was unable to see the share - if there is a way to enable SMB2 with LE I have no clue how to do it.

    So to me it seems:

    • LE via the GUI has some kind of issue with SMB shares
    • LE can see SMB1 shares perfectly if mounted at the command-line or via system.d
    • Neither the main OS or LE can see an SMB share that only supports SMB2 and SMB3 (this will start to become the norm in the future).

    Hope that helps.

    How? You install an NFS server. Kodi itself is an NFS client in the same way it's an SMB client the way you are using it.

    Then that isn't the same share is it - and I know the Kodi is also an NFS client, just like it can connect to SSH/SFTP/FTP.

    I don't get what you mean by "the same SMB share using SSH", did you install an SSH server on your Windows machine and added that as a video share in Kodi with the SSH protocol?

    It's simple really. I have separate SSH server running on another Windows server - I have already mentioned this:

    I also have my SSH server located on another machine but does allow me to access the same share - it works everywhere but it's far slower than direct via SMB otherwise I'd switch over.

    When I connect to that I can also connect to any other Windows share that can be seen on my network. So if for example my SMB share is accessed in Kodi like (and this is just simplified as I can't recall off the top of my head how it's entered in Kodi):

    smb://[email protected]/mysmbshare

    which fails to see all the folders and files, I then connect on Kodi with

    ssh://[email protected]//mysmbserver/mysmbshare

    I can see the same files via the same SMB share. Doesn't that point to SMB on Kodi being a problem?

    At the very least did you verify the same issue persists if you access the same share through a different protocol (maybe nfs)?

    How exactly do you "access the same share through a different protocol"? An SMB share can only be directly accessed by an SMB client just as NFS/SSH need their respective clients to access them. I already stated I connected to the same SMB share using SSH as my server allows me to also browse through to any Windows shares it can see on the network, and the problem goes away. It's just not fast enough for streaming or I would have switched.

    Something on the SMB client as used by Kodi is broken, and as we can only connect to SMB1 via the GUI that's all I've been able to test for SMB. Hopefully tonight I can create a system SMB mount as per the OP and test connecting as it is now, and also when disabling SMB1 on the server.

    I'm not saying the issue isn't with Kodi but you were pointing at the SMB protocol specifically, hence my suggestion. The fact that you can access the share with FX Explorer or whatever doesn't prove anything.

    As for mounting through the kernel, look at the OP. at master · LibreELEC/ · GitHub
    Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_CIFS_SMB2: SMB2 network file system support

    Actually it does prove that Kodi and hence LE has a problem with SMB and doesn't when using SSH, so of course I'd point at it directly where else would I?

    I'll see tonight if I can mount the share using the system.d script and test that. Are you also saying that if I can edit the "linux.x86_64.conf" to enable SMB2 or is that a build file so it would need to be rebuilt (something beyond what I can do)?

    How are you connected to the server/NAS?

    My box has built-in 5Ghz N wireless, so not USB. I did also hard wire it temporarily, but it made no difference.


    How can you be so sure SMB is the issue? Did you try mounting the SMB share through the kernel instead of accessing directly with Kodi? SMB2/3 is supported by the kernel, although it's disabled in the LE config (should probably be PR'ed and enabled).

    Well, on my tablet where Kodi is also failing, I can access the same SMB share using FX Explorer so I'm pretty sure the issue lies with Kodi. I also have my SSH server located on another machine but does allow me to access the same share - it works everywhere but it's far slower than direct via SMB otherwise I'd switch over.

    Can you elaborate on how I can mount the share through the kernel or better still enable SMB2/3 so I can test that? I can easily disable SMB1/2 to be sure it's getting used.

    I seem to have the same problem as Taomyn, my system was running fine before updating to 7.90.008, I have 1 share on a Server 2012 R2 box which has some 300 files in it, Kodi won't show past the 106th file for some reason, only happened a few days ago when the update happened, unbeleivably fustrating.

    I opened a ticket at Kodi for this, but no-one has even bothered to respond so far. Would you mind commenting on it yourself and maybe it will gain some attention?

    #17038 (SMB share on Windows 2012 R2 server not finding all files) – Kodi - TRAC

    It's not just LibreELEC that's a problem, their own Android release suffers the same way.

    Is there any way to get SMB2+ support added to LE?

    As a test I disabled SMB1 on my Windows Server 2012 R2 box and now the shares cannot be accessed. SMB1 is being deprecated slowly with Microsoft even telling people it should no longer be enabled for security. LE needs to move with the times.

    Seems SMB is royally screwed up in Kodi - and in my opinion isn't a LibreELEC issue. My main install of v7.90.007 won't display past the 108th movie on my main Windows server share. It's not the file as I can move it and just the next one pops in, I have also tested this on my Android tablet runnning the latest Kodi nightly and it does exactly the same. No matter what do with the files on the server only 108 of them get listed. If I use FX File Explorer on the same tablet I can see all 229 movie files so I'm pretty sure my server is fine, as it was before.

    I also have an issue where after a certain amount of time the SMB connection simply dies, I get an "Invalid argument" and I have to reboot, yet I can watch many films/shows for hours, then come back the next day having left it switched on and I get the same error again. The server never shuts down.

    I wanted to mention this here for reference, and I will now go visit the Kodi forums in the hope I can find a solution.