Some advise on a NUC + kodi install?

  • Some advise please,

    I needed an upgrade in hardware for my main Kodi box (a Ki-pro s905d), and instead of upgrading to an arm device again like a S922x, i bought a used 7th gen i3 NUC for about the same cost.

    My question is, which platform should i go for.

    Install LibreElec which would be the obvious choice, or try a Linux + Kodi install, or even a Windows + Kodi install.

    Any experience from you on those platforms?


  • Personally, I would try a LE install to a usb, & run from that. That would be the easiest. You can then try linux + kodi to hard drive, if you don't like that, you can go back to the LE on usb.

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  • Test installations are $free :)

    Very true :).

    What i was looking for is an expert opinion on which platform has the best compatibility with media formats, resolution switching, hdr, etc etc.