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    2 questions Dimitris, regarding an "old" S802 1GB box.

    Fully works with your MXIII-1G rom variant, but:


    I have always ONLY been able to update with the tar file (on a fresh install, i must first flash an old openelec build through recovery, and then update with the tar).

    Since your first release, if i boot with the img burnt on an SD card, gives me "corrupted file system detected" and if i let it do the repair, says "system is beyond repair bla-bla-bla". I even flashed the, android works, but your img will not get past the repair.


    I have been trying to boot armbian on it, but Balbes150's images probably do not support this box. Tried sd, usb, newer and older dtb's for this box, nothing, black screen for hours.

    Any pointers? Thanks.

    After a lot of editing and testing, i figured it.

    The problem occurs if the strings in the "TV - Timer rule" list pictured above are translated to Greek.

    The guilty strings are #820 - #823 in the "strings.po" file, inside "resource.language.el_gr" addon.

    After i found and corrected them, Kodi with tvheadend and pvr.hts work fine in Greek.

    I attach a corrected "resource.language.el_gr" addon for everyone with this problem (Kodi - addons - install addon from zip file), as it seems to occur in all platforms. It's a dirty patch but it's all i could do. I think the code in Kodi needs corrections.

    If possible, you guys could report this up the chain to Kodi team.

    If i try to use VDR for live TV on a Mecool Ki-PRO, i cannot scan for channels. Both with script.config.vdr addon, and w-scan via SSH.

    They cannot communicate properly with the tuner.

    If i use the channels.conf file from a mini-MX box used with a cheap USB tuner I can watch TV, but with NO EPG. Resetting epg-channel data does not help either.

    Just FYI, I tested an Alexelec build for this box and it works fine, both channel scanning and EPG (but it uses a modified driver, a newer VDR and a different channel-scanning tool).

    Looks like a driver - tools used - config problem?

    If i try to use TVHeadend with pvr.hts for live TV, i cannot switch the interface language in Kodi to Greek (i don't need to, but i want it).

    Kodi and TVHeadend service only (no pvr.hts) have no problem with Greek, but once you install the pvr.hts addon, it crashes Kodi and forces a boot loop. It works fine if the interface language is English.

    It has been reported again here and here. It looks like the problem goes deeper than just pvr.hts

    but i haven't seen any progress.

    The bug happens on all boxes i used (a Mini-MX -S905, and a Ki-pro S905D).

    PS, as a test i modified the pvr.hts (replaced the strings.po in the greek lang-dir with the English one, so practically pvr.hts is in English but no luck). Looks like the bug is deeper in the code.

    I pulled them, but i can't do a new compile till tomorrow. Anyway it's just minor details. Important stuff is working as they should now.

    For the gui problem i have, i think it is part my TV and part ES to blame. It's an older Sony model and i think ES does not like the auto-detected resolution (720p). If i boot to kodi first and change the resolution to 1080, then ES works ok too. But as i said i probably am not the only one...

    PS, I thought perhaps the roms folder should be added to smb.conf to make it accessible (instead of "emulators" folder which is useless).

    its "fresh" fork with my changes applied, but I tried to keep most changes isolated from the main build.

    are you building from my source directly?

    Ok, i figured it.

    Yesterday i deleted everything and started from scratch. FYI everything compiles without a hitch now.
    But for my situation, i still need for KODI to load first for a very good reason. As is (ES loading first) i get NO GUI, and no way to change anything. SSH should be loaded by the autorun script, but it is not.
    After i did that ALL is working good (Exit to games works fine and ES loads ok).

    PS, i think kodi should remain first to load. I am certainly not the only one with this kind of peculiarities.

    But all and all i think you can call it a success!!!

    are you using make image PROJECT=S905 ARCH=arm? and switching to your correct dtb after writing to SD?

    it seems weird that it works for me (emulationstation-config ran with no problem), and I can exit to ES without any manual changes, not sure why the differences.

    Of course i do, and i am not sure either. Is your build a fresh from the new repo or is it a stitch and patch build?
    Just needs looking into...

    What isn't?

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    Starting ES from Kodi freezes the Gui. Perhaps checking the exit patches would fix it (in combination that emustation-config in /usr/bin is not made executable).
    I did it manually through ssh, and ES can finally be started (needs config checking). Don't have much time tonight for more troubleshooting...

    I added asound.conf to the s905 project, added emulationstation to the exit menu in Kodi, and fixed some ES settings.

    so right now the project is now 99% ported to Kszaqs LE 8, as many people requested, it starts kodi first, then you can choose ES from the exit menu.

    here is the source, no binaries yet.
    GitHub - shantigilbert/ 'Just enough OS' for Kodi. Sx05 Retro Edition, an emulation build based on LibreELEC for S905, S805 Devices.

    It's not working on me...

    Ok. ES config corrected (to a point) but i get the same as you.
    It must be an sdl2 config thing, but i am not that of an expert :( .

    How did you fix it?

    I have no idea how to push changes on github :sick: :D . Never messed with it (that's your department).
    Is it my imagination, or are the changes missing from the new repo?

    Any way, later tonight again...

    I left both switches also...

    I need to do some (a lot) of config changes to ES and Retroarch.
    ES quits on start, complains about missing stuff (remote, roms, etc). But at least it does not crash.

    I'll zip it all for you to take a look and perhaps help with the config changes.

    Nice work :) :) .

    So in all: Clone kszaq's repo (8.0.0c), then copy the entire xmedia folder from your repo in to Libreelec/packages (first), and then merge everything included in my zip.

    Kszaq +

    A lot of game packages in the zip, simply have the source url changed, the ones from your repo didn't work.

    Haven't messed with the PKG_SITE values, need to figure out what needs changing in ES config.

    The only thing we have different I think is that I used -c++98 instead of gnu++98

    It's not that, so do I.

    I finally figured it out ;). The flag needed for Emulatiostation to get rid of the errors is "-ldl" (not sure if "-lm" is necessary).

    The kodi part is the latest stock kszaq 8.0.0c build, and i just need to check and iron things regarding games now.
    I left libretro-ppsspp disabled for now.

    Well I give up... I have no idea whats going on, I copied all the files (to send you the source) to another folder and tried to compile it to make sure it works, now it does not compile... Emulatiostation fails with an error, and even Retroarch doesnt want to compile. So I went back to my original folder and did a "make clean" then I tried compiling it again from scratch, Emulatiostation compiles without a problem... but Retroarch doesn't :/. They are the exact same files (just on different directories) so I am not sure whats going on.

    and my last successful compile, Kodi didn't want to start. I guess I am just going to stick to the original build I had until I get more energy to deal with all of this :(

    I am in exactly the same place as you... Yesterday i thought to just disable Emulatiostation, so i can see how the rest of the packages go.

    It turns out that all packages that clone a git repo for the source (like Retroarch) complained about resolving the url (the package url is set to "none"). So after some headache i change "none" to "" and it worked.
    Today i did a "make clean" like you and Retroarch just didn't clone. It Just created the dir and complained that there was no rule or makefile or something (understandable on an empty dir).
    So i change it back to "none", let it complain about resolving url, change again "none" to "" and it worked :huh: :huh: :huh: .

    It's "almost" funny :D :D :D .

    I will post my complete source code after I test a few things, I think I found out what was the problem with the sound but I need to test.
    you can then compare it or use mine and see if you get the same problems.
    I got the sound working :) at least for my device, not sure if each device needs a different seting.

    OK!!! this is really good news, well done... :shy:

    I'll wait for your full revision and try again from scratch...

    yes you also need the gnu flag, but that is for freeimage, isn't?

    Yea sorry. My brain needs a rest... :rolleyes:

    yes, hopefully that will make everything compile.

    unfortunately for my device, there is no sound yet :(

    and also, edit, or remove the on the retroarch package folder, or you will get ES and kodi fighting on boot :P

    Still the same errors in ES :@ :@ . Perhaps i am missing something in my system...