Kodi - TVheadend with Greek language bug?

  • If i try to use TVHeadend with pvr.hts for live TV, i cannot switch the interface language in Kodi to Greek (i don't need to, but i want it).

    Kodi and TVHeadend service only (no pvr.hts) have no problem with Greek, but once you install the pvr.hts addon, it crashes Kodi and forces a boot loop. It works fine if the interface language is English.

    It has been reported again here and here. It looks like the problem goes deeper than just pvr.hts

    but i haven't seen any progress.

    The bug happens on all boxes i used (a Mini-MX -S905, and a Ki-pro S905D).

    PS, as a test i modified the pvr.hts (replaced the strings.po in the greek lang-dir with the English one, so practically pvr.hts is in English but no luck). Looks like the bug is deeper in the code.

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  • After a lot of editing and testing, i figured it.

    The problem occurs if the strings in the "TV - Timer rule" list pictured above are translated to Greek.

    The guilty strings are #820 - #823 in the "strings.po" file, inside "resource.language.el_gr" addon.

    After i found and corrected them, Kodi with tvheadend and pvr.hts work fine in Greek.

    I attach a corrected "resource.language.el_gr" addon for everyone with this problem (Kodi - addons - install addon from zip file), as it seems to occur in all platforms. It's a dirty patch but it's all i could do. I think the code in Kodi needs corrections.


    If possible, you guys could report this up the chain to Kodi team.