Raspberry Pi 4 - 4GB vs. 8GB?

  • I'm setting up a "2 player mediacenter solution" for a non-tech friend (it just have to work... :-/)

    I'm on budget so I don't wanna spend too much unless motivated.


    Is there currently any reason to buy 8GB version instead of 4GB RPi for LE use (and only LE use)?

    Does the 8GB version give any advantages when it comes to performance or stability when it comes to "normal" user?

    Any thoughts?

    Available (pre-prepared) today:

    All media: Already in NAS

    Shared DB: Already on MariaDB in NAS

    Wired/Wi-Fi LAN

    => Just my 5 cents...


  • TY Nicolas

    Nope, Docker isn't "in scope" for this little project.

    Just a simple but reliable solution to watch centrally stored movies on 2-3 rooms/TV's.

    So I'll probably order 3GB's and buy good cases (Flirc or Pimoroni Heatsink Case) with the extra bucks to avoid heating issues.

    => Just my 5 cents...


  • CvH & chewitt : TY, I'm ordering 3 x 4GB with Pimoroni Heatsink cases for him, sounds like a good compromise.

    I'm pretty sure he'll never find out about "wrong" mem size... ;) It's not of his interest.

    Most important is that it just works.

    => Just my 5 cents...