CPU usage on raspberry pi 4B

  • Hi guys. I'm running libreelec 9.2.1 on raspberry pi 4b 4GB. I also have the docker addon installed with home assistant and nginx letsencrypt. when i run the top command, i get this results.

    When idle, kodi.bin cpu usage is about 40 - 50%

    When playing a video from local library, the kodi.bin's cpu usage drops to about 20% - 30%

    When the video stops playing, it bumps back up to about 40 % ?

    I'm not sure how this works. Is that how it should be? is 40% cpu usage on idle too high?

    Best regards,


  • Hi. Sorry. I think top only shows one one core. I installed htop and the results makes more sense. I guess my system is okay afterall