LibreElec networking issues in combination with high Kodi cpu usage.

  • Hi guys,

    I am using a raspberry 3 with LE 9.2.1. with Wifi connected and ethernet directly connected to another raspberry via regular cat5e cable.

    This is a very abnormal scenario and I think LibreELEC cannot handle it very well.

    Right now, the cpu usage is at 90% (I can see on screen, since logging is enabled)

    This issue is occurring since I have created the conman_main.conf and set connmann to prefer wifi over ethernet.

    I am unable to upload logs I am afraid, since Kodi is out of control.

    I am not experiencing this issue if I use the raspberry in a managed network having not the wifi to be the primary internet connection and ethernet attached as a direct static route.

    I was just able to get the logs after I did a reboot.

  • In such a special case a kodi.log is necessary to see what happens. You can copy kodi.log when you attach your microSD card to your PC. Then upload it to Pastebin and post the link. After a reboot kodi.old.log will be the log of your last session.

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  • Dear Da Flex,

    yes, okay. I will upload the log asap.

    However I know the reason why the issue occurs.

    Reason is:

    - Connman prefers ethernet over wifi.

    - This forced me to copy connmann to connmann_main.conf as described by chewitt.

    - Now I have wifi connected and running fine. In addition to that, I have an ethernet connection between two raspberry pi.

    -> Connman still wants to use ethernet as preferred connection to the internet.

    The right questions now are:

    1) Is it even possible to use wifi as internet connection and a static direct connection via ethernet cable between two devices.

    As far as my experiences now are concerned, I think the scenario I am running isn't even a supported one, is it?

  • Hi,

    now I can upload the logs.

    Here some answers:

    1. What do you want to do on your scenario?

    Basicall, I wann to use one Raspi (A) via wifi to connect to internet, to be able to view Zattoo IP-TV. (Never mentioned that right?)

    That Raspi is directly connected to another Raspi (B), which is having USB storages attached. My so called movie library.

    2. Why don't you upload the log?

    Apologies for the delay. I always need to de-mount some boards an attach my ethernet cable to my macbook. Takes some time and efforts.

    Another experience I have now made is:

    1) I was asking myself, why the heck don't I try to use the A- Raspi only wifi for testing purposes. This way I would eliminate the hypthese, that connmann still is trying to use ethernet as preferred internet connection.

    So I disconnected the ethernet this morning and restarted.

    I am still having issues with my IP-TV and in combination to that, when adding the ethernet cable, Raspi A isn't getting the right internet connection.


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