Version bump to Kodi 18.7

  • Hmm, now why wouldn't we do a thing like that? We just need to set things up for testing stuff, that just takes a couple of extra days.

    People can be so impatient... :cool:

  • Hi! How is it going with this?

    I really want a bugfix included in Kodi 18.7 so I'm checking the LE website every day now for news. ^^

  • The guys are currently building LE 9.2.3, which is based on Kodi 18.7.1.

    PS: Ready to download now. <3

    Flexin' vinyl, jammin' break beats. 8)

  • Thanks for release - seems to have installed fine on my test unit.

    Hey, really dumb question.

    Do the updates always 'clean up' after themselves well?

    Like what if you had Libre 8 and you updated all each individual update file through the line - would the filesystem end up full of junk?

  • The entire OS is contained in two files (KERNEL and SYSTEM) and then we delete the .tar file and folders we extracted those from.

  • Yeah but like

    Say you over write






    DOES file 02a get deleted? Are there any orphaned files, inside the folders for the OS and application?

  • We don't overwrite anything. Everything you see in the OS except for /storage is uncompressed from the read-only SYSTEM file at boot time, and we don't touch /storage during update (it's not even mounted).

  • I'm not referring to overwrite as much as I'm referring to prune, literally orphaned files no longer used by the linux OS powering the device or the Kodi application.

  • We manage 100% of the OS inside the KERNEL and SYSTEM files and it is not possible for "cruft" to accumulate in the OS because it's all contained inside a read-only (thus cannot be written into) file that is uncompressed to create a virtual filesystem on boot. You (and Kodi) manage 100% of the /storage area and this may accumulate thumbs, add-on installers, add-on caches, crash logs, etc.