No samba Shares (Rpi2)

  • Just wrote the milhouse img to my card and booted up and everything seems great.. except there are no samba shares available when i point my pc at the IP of the Pi.. it says it cannot connect..

    Samba is enabled, Wait for network is enabled... All i want is to be able to access userdata via samba... have i missed something?

  • I just installed the latest build as well, and did not see the shares until I accessed my RPi2 (from my Windows PC) by IP address (in my case as: \\ and rebooted (after completing my initial configuration and setup) ... could be related to the "Auto-Share External Drives" setting/feature in LibreELEC Settings (Services, Samba)?

    I'm not sure I follow you.. I've checked and the Auto-Share external drives is set.. however i have no external drives.. i'm after the userdata.. i've rebooted several times and i'm accessing via UNC path (\\

  • Which build are you using exactly? I installed mine yesterday and the shares are reachable. So it would be interesting, what's different.

    No offense, but you are sure you have the correct IP (please test by pinging and maybe with SSH).

    If you are able to SSH in, get us a debuglog, please

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  • There shouldn't be any Samba-related difference in these LE builds compared with OE. I've not seen any problem connecting to LE builds using Samba from Windows 7, but then I only use IP addresses.

  • On generic build Samba shares ok only thing is my network on windows pc shows openelec instead libreelec!

  • I thought i had come back and replied to this, sorry!

    It turns out it was my laptop.. for some reason it wont connect to the SMB shares, however from other PC's it works fine.. it's just my laptop being a goof.

    So far, i'm really liking the new distro, got a couple of feature requests i'll add to the forum but i doubt anything will come of them as they are mainly cosmetic.. but important in a home theatre environment.