Wi-fi connections disappearing on Raspberry

  • Hi, hope this wasn't arleady solved (and its not too "duh" to ask, but...as a noob, I can't really tell).

    Context: 9.2.1 running on a RaspberryPi B 4, flashed it on my card, connected, booted quite easily. After booting, as I go to the Libreelec add-on settings, I can see all my wi-fi connections (I run both 2.4 and 5.8 on my router. In a few seconds, they disappear one by one leaving the page empty.

    If I connect my cable, it works perfectly. (In the Network menu, both wired and wireless networks are switched on active, including tethered access point). I reboot the Raspberry, and then the page is empty since the beginning.

    At first I thought it was an harware issue, so i flashed raspibian on the same card, tested it and had no problems on the wifi at all.

    What might be making the wifi connections "disappear" this way?

    I checked on previous threads but in most cases wifi issues were related to wifi sticks and in general wifi not working at all.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Generally the internal wifi antenna of the RPi is not the best in the world. Unless you are "really" close to your router you can expect issues. If you really need to use Wifi, then it's best to use an USB wifi (with a large antenna) for the best reception.

    Do you really need "tethered"