Why a "like" has been removed?

  • I'm still trying to understand this forum. Yesterday I received a "like" from a user, who was thankful for my help. He gave me a "like" for this post: click.

    Today I was watching the thread again, but the "like" disappeared. Why?

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  • No idea why a 'like' would disappear (perhaps someone who got banned or his/her posts removed),

    but if you are here for the 'likes', then perhaps you need to re-evaluate your presence.

  • Probably the user hit the "like" button by accident and later noticed his mistake so hit the button again to remove the like. Or he removed the like by accident. That can happen quite easily esp on a mobile device.

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  • Thanks for the infos Klojum and HiassofT .

    If a "like" has been removed, then it's a bad sign to me, and I'm interested to know the cause. I didn't know it can be removed.

    Collecting a max. amount of "likes" is not my goal. However, getting positive feedback definitely is a goal, and a sign of successful support.

    PS: I did the experiment, and hit the "like" button twice, which removes the "like". Maybe the user did that to like me even more. :)

    The "like" button is partualy misleading, because the thumb is still up after hitting the button for the first time. Actually it should be a "thumb down" button when it results in removing the "like".

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  • FYI, it's not possible for anyone (admins/mods/etc.) to remove another person's like from a post. It can only be withdrawn by the user who gave it.

  • HiassofT is right, I'm sure the user mistakenly hit the like button twice, because the thumb is always up on the button icon. A small thing to fix at the forum software.

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