[unoffical] LE-9.2/9.80-Images for RK3229/RK3228

  • I've updated my fork

    GitHub - ilmich/LibreELEC.tv: Just enough OS for KODI

    with latest widevine fixes.

    Tested with my alfawise a8 build (that works on my box) and works very well.

    Keep in mind that libreelec addons maybe don't work anymore because the official repository for rockchip rk3328 (but compatible with rk322x) seems unreachable. So, I'm building addons from source.

    Edit: build and some addons (for now only inputstream.adaptive) on

    libreelec-rk322x – Google Drive

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  • Congratulations on the great job ilmich.

    I installed your latest build on a friend's box (Mxq pro 4k) and it works very well (wifi too -> ok).

    On the pbc it says: txcz-rk3229-mxq-v2.2, but I think the cpu is a rk3228a; wifi: sv6051p. The box was sold as 4/32 gb, but it is actually 1/8 gb.

    The stock android 7.1 firmware was almost unusable; initially I flashed a rom with Android 8.1 (Avengers) and already the device worked much better.

    After that I installed your build and now it works really well, considering that the box is a very, very cheap Chinese clone.

    Great job, thank you very much

  • Thanks ilmich.

    I installed your latest build on a friend's box (Mxq pro 4k) and it works very well

    As you said, addons cannot be installed

    Can you create addon pvr simple iptv, to play m3u8 file. And docker addon, with docker will run other software if you want

  • hi ilmich,

    Can you help me on wifi driver ssv6x5x (ssv6256p) input to source for building? Or you guide me "how to add driver to source? Thanks you very much

  • I'm only a guy with some knowledge who can update his box and that try to return something to the community :)

    A great job was done by knaerzche with this project.

    admtpu check now... never used docker so I don't know I've built the right things.

    hongdat1106 sorry but I don't know. I've googled to try to find some source code but nothing relevant apart from the work done by the guys of armbian port.