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    I again have a remote problem / question :(

    I am currently using a image created by user Ilmich on my ex-android MXR4K box with a rockchip RK3229

    it is the image for the A8 bases off Knaerzche's mainline 9.20 image , but with the new commits and KODI V18.9 it is stored here : Ilmich's Google Drive

    It is working great on my box, remote buttons also work without me doing anything,

    HOWEVER , for some reason (and all my boxes have this) when I dare touch the VOL+ button on my remote's the box just shuts down. (it does this even without a function mapped to it, its some kind of hardware problem)

    So I want to do what I always do (and dit with the 9.2 builds) and I want to remap a button,

    However none of the methode's I know work for some reason on the 9.80 build :(

    when I do the usual ir-keytable, I get the error "no such file or directory"

    Like there is no IR receiver in the box ??

    so that method is no option

    putting a remote.conf file on the root of the SD also does nothing,

    using a kodi addon like "keymap editor" also does not work, it does nothing.

    the very weird stuff is that the remote WORKS :( I just want to remap one button so I have a VOL+ function,

    Can anyone here tell me how to do this with the 9.80 builds ???

    (I dont mind a dirty way of just editing some keymap table somwhere with nano via SSH, but I just cant seem to find where that file is)

    EDIT : I have put Knaerche's 9.2 (with Kodi 18.6) back on the box to test, and than my remote does not work, but I can simply copy over my remote.txt file and edit the rc_maps.cfg to use it and than everything works fine and I can edit the remote.txt file like I want to switch buttons.

    So I dont know what the problem is that in Ilmich's build with Kodi 18.9 the remote actualy works out of the box, but NONE of the way's to edit the remote keymaps work :( :( :(

    Knaerche, any chanse you can bring an updated build with 18.9 out ? (your build for the A95X works fine for my box)

    I would love to start building myself but im to clueless about where to start, if anyone would have a step by step guide for me for these android boxes builds , that would be great :)

    Any help is appreciated,

    thank you,


    I'm needing help. I'm new in this kind of tech world. May I know what (most compatible)ROM I can use for this?

    Hello Hiru,

    If that sticker is correct and it has a rockchip R3229 chip than I would go to Ilmich his link.

    Ilmich's images

    and try the HK1 mini image he has there,

    Afcourse your box might have more or less RAM and different wifi, we can not see this from that sticker, so it will be a bit trial and error to find the right one.


    If your MXQ4K box is the same as mine than it will have a S905 chip, these particular builds from Ilmich are for the Rockchip devices (like my MXR4K

    I dont know if Ilmich has builds for SMlogic devices, but there are more than enough on this forum (also if you have a look at the guys over at coreelec they ONLY build for SMlogic devices, and are good at it)

    As promised I tested it and everything seems to work except one addon that does not work

    Its an addon to watch live TV from our cable provider.

    when I start it, I get a kodi message "errors occurred, please check log"

    Log part from this Yelo TV addon

    It installed fine and got its dependency's fine, Normaly at the first startup it should ask to install the Wildvine thing to be able to play DMR content, but it does not do this :(

    Any help would be appreciated,

    Today I also installed the latest coreelec with Kodi 18.9 on my other box with a S905 chip, and on this box I was able to install everything (also this addon and wildvine) so I dont think it has to do with kodi 18.9 compatibility of the Yelo TV addon.

    thank you in advance,


    P.S. I am using your A8 image, this worked fine with your previous build with Kodi 18.8 (including the addon)

    EDIT : You can fully disregard this mail, aperantly about an half hour after I tested the telenet yelo app with the coreelec box, the entire telenet yelo / webmail, ... service went down in the entire country for the rest of the night, so afcourse that was the reason I could not get the yelo play app to work on the libreelec box !!!! how unlucky can someone get :)

    So I can confirm Ilmich , everything working great on my MXR4K box using your A8 image (even the remote worked out of the box :) )

    Thank you,

    P.S. why is "nation-wide" a censored word on this forum ????


    Where could I find your builds again ? I want to test the one with kodi 18.9 , your previous one's worked nicely :)

    I think you gave me a link previous time, but I dont know if you have a dedicated spot somewhere now for your builds ?

    Thank you,


    EDIT : I found your google drive link, I think I found the new builds with KODI 18.9 , I will let you know if they work, thank you in advance.

    Ah ok,

    Gues ill wait for a new box a bit than,

    I actualy tought that H6 meant any H6xx series chip :)

    Looks like I am totaly wrong with that one :)

    Anyone actualy has Libreelec builds for boxes with H616 ?

    Yes, H6 is the best.

    I tested passthrough only on HDMI, but in theory it should work also on SPDIF. It's currently enabled only on Beelink GS1 (talking about H6). I have to check if my Tanix TX6 has it...

    Thank you for the info,

    How big do you think my chanses are in getting a random cheap box with for instance a H616 chip to run the image you made here for the beelink ??


    I have a possible stupid question,

    I currently Have boxes with AMLogic chips (passthru support) and Rockchip ones (no passthru support :( )

    I was thinking of getting a extra box with a Allwinner chip, so I have all flavors of boxes (looks like H6.. series is best ?)

    I was wondering if this new passthru feature you are testing also works thru the boxes s/pdif (optical or coaxial) outputs ? (if they box has those ?)

    Because I now use passthru on my AMlogic box with the COAX SPDIF output (my amp only has optical and coax spdif, no HDMI support)

    or is this passthru you are testing now only with HDMI output support ?

    thank you,


    No you dont apply any update from SD card, if that happens that you see the normal android recovery (happend to me before) that means you probably dont have a correct device tree file on your SD card that fits your android box.

    Can you give me some extra info about your box ? maybey I can point you in the right direction. (foto, specs according to supplyer, screenshot android hardware info, ...)


    I am in no way a expert , but if you are trying to boot from SD card for the first time, are U using your specific box's way to boot to recovery ?

    for my boxes I have to press a toothpick in the AV port (there is a little button in the end) while I boot the box with the SD card in.

    Than it will adjust your boot partition to always first check for SDcard or USB stick to boot from.

    You should find out first how to boot to recovery with your specific box.

    Very weird, because the same addon (with same account data) works fine on the build with Kodi 18.5

    I gues I will leave this box on the libreelec with Kodi 18.5 for now until there is a more official build with Kodi 18.8

    I should realy learn to build these myself and start contributing more :)

    anyone know if there is a complete noobs step-by-step guide somewhere about making your own builds ?

    Also anyone know a good working guide to use ADB to pull your original device tree of your box ? I cant get ADB to recognise my android box on any USB ports (or do you also have to do something special to the box to be in download/recovery/adb mode)

    Thanks alot for your builds and help.

    I've updated my builds, now for libreelec addons it points to the official one for rk3328 (thanks to d-rex ).

    For my needs works fine (I've tried some emulators)

    Thanks alot :)

    still two issues (that I find) on my MXR4K box

    I previously used your A8 build and everything worked, but with this new build, my wifi does not work anymore ?

    I than tried your new build for the HK1 mini and than I have wifi :) (but im 100% sure I had wifi with your previous build for the A8)

    the addons and dependencies now all install (on both A8 and HK1 build)

    however when I try to show a lifestream with the Telenet Yello app, it just flashes half a second and stay's on the channel select page.

    When I try to show a lifestream with the VTM GO app, same thing happens and it say's "error, see log for more info"

    I am not that exprienced with logs, and I dont find a seperate log for VTM Go, but I do find this in the general libreelec LOG

    I am 100% sure login credentials are correct (otherwise it would fail earlyer) and it all still works on the previous builds with Kodi 15.5

    Any Idee what still might be causing this ??



    that is weird, because all other addons just work, (I can for instance just get (without adding repository's) the TV app for my country "VTM GO" , but when I try to install it , it only fails installing the inputsteam.adaptive addon :(

    Is there any way I can get this addon in a zip file to install from a zip ? (same way I install the jellyfin addon repository from zip)

    or manualy add the repository needed for the inputstream addon ?

    Thank you,


    Glad to know it was useful :D.

    However I'll forgot to mention that I've only builted(and shared) knaerzche repo with latest commits. Nothing more, nothing less :)

    Hi again,

    I have run in to a problem with this build,

    I am not able to install the inputstream.adaptive dependency on this build :(

    To test I have build another SD card again with my previous build with Kodi 18.5 and there it will still install the inputstream.adaptive add-on.

    Is there a way I can install this with a zip file ? or manualy add a repository ? or is there something missing in the build you have to fix and make a new build ??

    any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you,


    Hello all,

    This is NOT realy a libreelec problem, but because you guys are always so helpfull and you probably are all using KODI and maybey a few of you use Jellyfin server (fork of Emby server)

    I hope I get some help here. (I wasend sure to post here in support or just post it in off topic, if it needs to be moved, feel free to do so)

    I have posted this a few day's ago in the Jellyfin forum, but I am not getting alot of activity over there :)

    My post ;


    I would like some info about how this transcoding works, because I cant get it to do what I want and I think I am beeing a total noob :)

    My situation,

    I have a ex-android box now running Coreelec (Sadly my libreelec box is a Rockchip one and audio passthrough totaly does not work on that :( ) with Kodi 18.8 and running the Jellyfin Addon in Addon mode.

    I have a Logitech Surround set (5.1) (Z-5450) with support for Dolby Digital (AC3) and DTS , getting audio from the Kodi box via SPDIF (Coax)

    Latest version Jellyfin is running directly on a Linux

    Using latest Jellyfin for Kodi addon, and it is running in Add-on mode.

    (if exact versions are needed ill look it up, I have everything shut down for the moment, but I checked for updates yesterday, its all the latest)

    Passthrough is enabled and working on the Kodi box for AC3 and DTS, movies with this audio work fine, I get the Dolby Digital or DTS logo on my logitech speakers, all speakers work, I am happy, family members that are trying to sleep are not , so all is good :)

    My problem,

    Movies with AAC or PCM sound get send to my Logitech speakers as stereo (witch is to be expected since SPDIF over COAX only support 2 channel analog audio, when I set my Kodi box as 5.1 I miss half the sound, if I set as 2.0 I have all sound, but only from two speakers :(

    I tought it would be easy to force transcoding of all audio (atleast all 5.1) to AC3 (or DTS if jellyfin can transcode to that ?) but I can not get it to work.

    I am actualy not even sure if any of the transcode options in the DLNA profiles do anything , since I am not really using DLNA (I think because its in Add-on mode the Jellyfin addon in my Kodi ??)

    but that is the only place I find options for it,

    I added a profile with the name of my Kodi box and told it to ONLY give AC3 and transcode all AAC and PCM audio , but nothing happens, in the dashboard it always say’s direct stream, no transcoding is hapening.

    Also forcing “transcode” in the Jellyfin addon in Kodi does nothing.

    If anyone can point me in the right direction to fix this ?

    If there is any way to ALWAYS transcode ALL audio to AC3 or DTS than that is good for me also, because I ONLY play from my jellyfin server to this Kodi box over the local LAN.

    So my main questions,

    CAN the jellyfin server transcode audio to AC3 or DTS ??? (and if possible leave the video stream alone ?)

    And HOW do I do that to a Jellyfin addon within Kodi ?

    Thank you in advance for any help,


    Glad to know it was useful :D.

    However I'll forgot to mention that I've only builted(and shared) knaerzche repo with latest commits. Nothing more, nothing less :)

    Hmm ?

    dit knaerzche's build get updated ? because I was using his LE9.2 and that has KODI 18.5

    and his LE9.80 I could never get to boot on my box (the one Spike build for me I could, but that had KODI Alpha 19)

    or do you mean you updated the KODI to 18.8 in Knaezche's build ?

    (sorry for beeing a noob , im learning, but eager to learn :) )


    I just tested this on my MXR 4K box, (with RK3229 chip)

    Only played with it 5 minutes, but looks like everything works out of the box :) (dit not copy any other device tree or anything, just wrote your file to SD card)

    LAN, Wifi, Sound,

    and what chocking is , even my remote works !!!!!! I spend a few day's with alot of help from user SpikeSP87 to get my remote to work on the standard build, and I gues you have the same remote :) :)

    Build does have the same problem that even unmapped if I dare press the blue VOL+ button the box kills itself :)

    (so thats defenatly a hardware issue between my box and kodi/libreelec)

    Thank you for this build, I can now move this box from KODI 18.5 to 18.8