RPi4 Hyperion Kills HDMI Signal

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    This one has been driving me nuts and I cannot got a straight answer anywhere. Hyperion worked perfectly fine on my RPi3 with Libreelec, I’m using apa102 leds and have recently migrated to a RPi4 with Libreelec and the moment I install Hyperion, I get the colour swirl and then no HDMI signal on my TV until I uninstall Hyperion and reboot. If I leave it there with no signal, I can see the lights are working to the video playing on the RPi4 screensavers, but no HMDI signal on the TV. I am getting desperate here, I feel like I shouldn’t have had to swap my ambilight for 4K...
  • So essentially turn off 4K and it works? I may as well keep using my RPi3 then... Thanks for the suggestion but that doesn’t really help me. Do you think this is an issue with Hyperion or Libreelec?

  • It's an issue in the RPi firmware (the dispmanx grabber to be specific), grabbing at 4k needs too much (RAM) bandwidth. The RPi developers already know about that and it's on their TODO list (but probably not too high priority). Not much we can do about it for now other than wait for a firmware update.

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  • Hmm, for me it doesn't work with 1080p or 720p either, only a xvid/divx video does without the screen going black :(

    This with running no 4K signal, no hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 in config and limiting Gui to 1080p 60hz using Libreeelec 9.20.

  • I also had problem of signal loss and not going back with hyperion on LE rpi4-4gb.

    I clear installed LE with hyperion-ng from Update Hyperion NG | Hyperion - Forum

    Problem stayed even with hyperion-ng but once I changed Kodi GUI to 1080p 30Hz it started working fine.

    Hope frequency of GUI help others. My TV and most media is 1080p so don't know if it may help with 4k situations.

  • i will try Hyperion.ng, when you say limit gui to 30 hz, do u mean the "720p/1080p (<30 hz)" option?

  • Limit GUI size for me is 1080p, but refresh rate setting above is what I changed to 30 and it started working fine.

    (general settings > system > display > refresh rate)

  • Limiting refresh rate to 30 hz also works for me and this is using the old "stable" Hyperion. Thanks :D

    Hmm, if the internal grabber can't handle 4K yet, it might not be able to handle 60 hz neither, 1080p or 4K

  • But you said 4k with hyperion is not working in othet post?

    Yes, that's right, when I tested a couple of months ago I got "no signal" with the 4k samples I tested with. These were mostly 4kp50/60 files though.

    I recently re-tested with the 4kp24 Interstellar trailer and noticed that did work.

    Not sure if all 4kp24 videos will work - I only have a few 4k files here - but I'd say it's worth a try to check.

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  • 1. Connect to LibreElec (Link)

    2. Download Code: wget https://github.com/Paulchen-Panther.../2.0.0/Hyperion-Beta.2.0.0-LibreElec-rpi4.zip

    3. Extract .zip File

    Code: unzip -o Hyperion-Beta.2.0.0-LibreElec-rpi4.zip

    4. to Hyperion Folder and regist Hyperion.

    Code: cd hyperion && sh register.sh

    ---> Hyperion has been installed as service, it will start on each system startup

    ---> For configuration, visit with your browser: IPxxx:8090

    ---> or if already used by another service try: IPxxx:8091

    i use Clean LibreElec after try to connect to IP:8090 and 8091 "no connection possibel" i have Restart and Shutdown LE my ip:8080 is working in Browser i can´t connect to hyperion NG so how to remove it for RPi 4 ?

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  • Thanks I’ll give it a go. And this fixed the issue for you? You are now able to run Hyperion on your RPi4 while in 4K resolution?