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    I've been running an overclocked rpi4 with an icetower cooler for a week with the following (literally at the end of the standard /flash/config.txt):

    1. over_voltage=4
    2. arm_freq=2000
    3. gpu_freq=600

    I'm getting temps of 36.0'C.

    No observed odd side effects; it's been in use all week and not powered off. I am using the official rpi4 psu.

    could you show me where you write the text in the config file?


    Has anyone any experience with overclocking the RPi4 with the latest firmware updates incorporated in LE's Update menu?

    I have an ice cooler for my RPi4 and use retroplayer and thought what-the-heck.

    is the cooler getting really cold if you feel it with your fingers?

    This is perfectly normal, LE stores the firmware files under a different name. Just ignore the warnings.

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    So I am all done? Because you wrote some comments ago to replace the start.elf and fixup.dat files.

    At this moment I do not have an ssd. Is there anyway to compare the usb stick with the sd card? I just want to know if the sd card

    at this moment faster is then the usb or not.

    Pleased to have found this thread - I was already running v9.2.3, but had tried copying the files from /boot (/flash) on the Raspbian distro and was greatly disappointed.

    Reverted my /flash and all is running great, booting from USB flash drive.:thumbup:

    Just thinking - a long time ago, when I was running OpenElec on Intel hardware, I was using network boot - perhaps I can try that again.

    Did you replace files on the usb stick?

    So I update my firmware pieeprom to 15 june 2020. After that I made a fresh install on an usb stick 3.1 with LE 9.2.3

    When I put in my pi4 and power it up the screen is saying that he is missing some files. But after some seconds LE is starting up. Where could I find the correct files to solve this issue?

    Sd card in an usb reader will that faster boot up LE instead of sd card in the sd slot?

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