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    I put 2 files on usb stick from the site you given me.

    I have test the files on 3 systems;

    LE 9.2.6 rpi4. It was stuttering colors were not good.

    LE 10.0 rpi4 nighty the last one from 19-04-21

    It was not stuttering and the colors were much much better. The speed was also better.

    On my qled.

    This was the best result. Best speed buffering and colors.

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    I got it. And the BT2020 is also in the last nightly build?

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    Many thanks! I put your build on it. Is that also fine instead of nightly?

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    IIRC tone mapping is only supported in Kodi for Windows (via d3d shaders) and Android (via the mediacodec framework, if implemented by a device). I've read reports that it works fine on the Nvidia Shield, not sure about other devices.

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    Do you have a sample file to test the hdr on the rpi4 with your latest build? If yes could you upload it by wetransfer?

    I will put the file on usb stick and test it on LE 9.2.6 and on 10.0.

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    No I dont have the same movie on uhd disc. Maybe somebody got a file which I can download and put it on a usb stick and then play it on the rpi4 to test it.

    Thanks for the information buddy.

    First I make a new fresh install of:


    After that I put your file:


    in the UPDATE folder to update

    But When open HDR video the colors are still dark I think. Maybe it is the video itself. Do you have any tips to change in the settings or do you have a sample file that I could test?

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    Hi Hias,

    Is this the latest build to test? And this one should be also the best to test. Am I right?

    When I download the file and unzip I see different files and maps inside. How could I write that build to sd card? Do you have some steps how it should be?

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