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    This one has been driving me nuts and I cannot got a straight answer anywhere. Hyperion worked perfectly fine on my RPi3 with Libreelec, I’m using apa102 leds and have recently migrated to a RPi4 with Libreelec and the moment I install Hyperion, I get the colour swirl and then no HDMI signal on my TV until I uninstall Hyperion and reboot. If I leave it there with no signal, I can see the lights are working to the video playing on the RPi4 screensavers, but no HMDI signal on the TV. I am getting desperate here, I feel like I shouldn’t have had to swap my ambilight for 4K...

    waschbaerbauch75 would this solution work for apa102 leds too? I currently have the issue where if Hyperion is running I cannot get a hdmi signal at all until I remove Hyperion all together and reboot my pi... RPi4 resolution set to 4K. Used to work perfectly on RPi3.

    MoreBloodWine I had been having the same issues. Only once I had Libreelec set to 4K, if I played any content (4K or 1080p) the HDMI input would flicker/blink as if I was changing input or pulling at the cable. It would only do it for me when Kodi tried to do something; e.g. subtitles popped up, up next addon popup, if I pressed play/pause. Sometimes once this happened it would go crazy flicking off and on. I tried so many cables, with and without micro adapter. I had been on Reddit and other forums trying to get help and was being told it was the cables or the adapters, I was certain it was Libreelec, but no one else was experiencing the issue I was. I was ready to fill out a return form for my RPi, when I thought I would just wipe my SD card and try a fresh install (this time I noticed it was v9.1.502 I downloaded, last time I had installed v9.1.501). Everything is now working beautifully, I cant believe I had put up with this for the last few weeks... I hope this helps you also and that you get it sorted!