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    Hi, don't know what happened today, but I can select analog audio as output on my RPi2 anymore, it was working fine. I have tried reinstalling the two latest versions. Playback device is empty, I've tried hw:0,0 and hw:0,1 both output through HDMI. Can anyone help?


    In the configuration wizard choosing sysdefaultCARD=ALSA allows headphone jack to be used :)

    Thanks :) I've added "Keep spotify playing" setting, that does not stop Spotify when playing a video:

    Keep spotify playing setting added · siz-/[email protected] · GitHub

    (don't know why it doesn't just show line changes, maybe due to the fact I used the upload tool on the site)

    Added an extra check to not restart the service when stopping a video, as "stop" would stop both due to the above implementation.

    I can submit a pull request if you deem the setting as useful, I use it a lot myself :)

    I used the discontinued Spotify web connect add-on before switching over to this, it's works like a charm :)

    However, in the old web connect, I could use analog out and hdmi audio independently. If Spotify is playing using my speakers connected to analog and I start a video, the music pauses even though Kodi is set to use hdmi.

    This is annoying, as I usually would for example watch some football with low volume on the TV while listening to music on the speakers.. :/

    It works fine on RPi 2, however, it does not change resolution or bitrate, tried doing it manually to settings.xml in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/script.moonlight/, doesn't work:
    Tried even changing settings-default.xml in /storage/.kodi/userdata/addons/script.moonlight/, didn't work eiter :/
    So no change. Tried updating Geforce Experience to Beta and tried to remove the device and paired again..
    Any ideas?

    Works now. It seems you have to restart Libreelec before new settings get loaded.

    However, triggers on 360 controller did not work. X and y buttons were swapped, on the d-pad: up and left were swapped, same with down and right. Here is my working xbox360.conf, should be placed in addons/script.moonlight/share/mapping/, rename the other one to xbox360.conf.old and try it out:

    Have fun