Xorg Server failed to start

  • Hello!

    I have just installed LibreELEC on my HP Pavilion a4313w and when I first boot it up it says:

    [FAILED] Failed to start Xorg Server 

    'systemctl status xorg.service' for details. 

    [DEPEND] Dependency failed for Fluxbox Window Manager 

    [ OK ] Reached target Graphical Interface 

    [ OK ] Starting Intel switch to full range 

    [ OK ] Started Intel switch to full range

    [ OK ] Started Kodi Media Center. 

    [ OK ] Reached target Kodi Mediacenter Interface

    After it starts up everything freezes up and it doesn't start, I tried this multiple times. Maybe because it says Intel and its an AMD? I don't know if I did anything wrong but I did a clean installation, thank you! :)

    My PC:

    HP Pavilion a4313w Desktop PC

    NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE

    AMD Sempron LE-1250

    3GB DDR2 RAM

  • NVIDIA Geforce 6150SE

    That is graphics hardware from the previous century... Either you can turn the HP Pavilion into a nice book stand, or try an equally old version of OpenELEC and see if it comes back to life.

    The real recommendation is that you need to look at some newer hardware to properly deal with your video's and/or music. Either something like a Raspberry Pi or some Android box that will play Kodi.

  • We dropped the nvidia 304.xx driver required for prehistoric cards around LE 8.0.x but there is a community image kicking around in the forums for 8.2.5. It's no longer possible to build images with that old driver due to ABI changes in Xorg so 8.2.x would the final of final images. An RPi4 would be a massive upgrade :)

  • the video card Radeon HD 4550

    That is also a graphics card from the dark ages...

    You might try each older LibreELEC version and work your way down.

    Or you can get yourself a Raspberry Pi set with better support and which is also uptodate.

  • I think that card should work fine with "nouveau" kernel driver and modesetting Xorg driver. You'll need to build from source and enable the nouveau kernel driver though. It's doable depending on how much effort you are willing to put into it. You can enable the mesa driver as well if you need 3D support.