Not official LE version for rk3328\rk3399

  • This has been fixed in the new images.

    Since which date? From 20200214 and on?

    Ive tried today's image and emmc installation doesn't work for me.

    The box doesn't see internal storage.

    Maybe I get something wrong?

    Do I have to kinda mount it manually or something?

    I have to mention that earlier releases (summer ones, which were removed from yandex recently) did work. And I'm using the same dtb "rockpro64".

    I did a clean install as recommended and now I can't move the system to emmc and roll back to a legacy build as it's no longer present in the cloud.

  • Use the latest versions, where NVMe is defined on RockPI4b.i

    20200214 works as 20200201, nvme was found after loading external kernel modules after mounting storage.

    If I config storage to nvme, system halted, nvme is not visible. If I manualy insmod dw-edma.ko dw-edma-pcie.ko nvme-core.ko nvme.ko, nvme was become visible. That files from /sysroot/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/modules/5.5.1/kernel/drivers/....

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  • Using the one stored in the new image

    Can you run the latest version of Armbian (the principle is the same as running LE)? In Armbian, you can easily perform a number of checks that will help understand the reason why eMMC does not work (they share a common core).