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    Use the latest versions, where NVMe is defined on RockPI4b.i

    20200214 works as 20200201, nvme was found after loading external kernel modules after mounting storage.

    If I config storage to nvme, system halted, nvme is not visible. If I manualy insmod dw-edma.ko dw-edma-pcie.ko nvme-core.ko nvme.ko, nvme was become visible. That files from /sysroot/usr/lib/kernel-overlays/base/lib/modules/5.5.1/kernel/drivers/....

    After replacing file rk3399-rock-pi-4.dtb from v20200201, nvme found at [ 19.818350] after mounting storage (mmcblk1p13) at [ 17.452574]

    ... nvme is included in module, not a kernel?

    p.s. with fdt others versions strings "pci" and "nvme" in dmesg are missing

    v20200211 on SDcard as is (only replace config to rk3399-rock-pi-4.dtb)

    If you create a partition on NVMe (ext4) and assign a label to It, you can immediately in the config file (uEnv.txt) specify (instead of the STORAGE label) this label to automatically use NVMe as the primary device for data in LE.

    No, nvme don't found on this stage. Message on TV screen obtained. ls /dev is without nvme, only mmcblk1 and 2.

    nvme found only after run kodi with version 20200201 . With versions 20200205 and 20200127 nvme not found never. If I copy fdt file from version 0201 to 0205, then with it nvme is also present after run kodi.

    if you need NvmE support you need to enable PCI-E and NVME support in the kernel settings and rebuild the image.

    Everyone should be able to do it themselves ;). It will not work out so fast for me.

    Now, if I use fdt file from version 20200201, nvme is mounted after mounting STORAGE and run kodi. I can use mount -o bind to the some directories.

    1. As is on Sdcard . Not boot with khadas uboot With v.20200201 boot ok

    2. Uboot radxa and this kernel on sd, rootfs on nvme. Not boot. Kernel not found nvme device.

    3. Uboot radxa, kernel and rootfs on sd. Boot, but no found nvme.

    Devices with this kernel:

    Mmcblk0 ???

    Mmcblk1 - sd

    Mmcblk2 - emmc

    Nvme - not found

    p.s. With v.20200201 nvme found


    I'm test LibreELEC-RK.arm-9.80-devel-20200127120222-6e9040d-rk3399.img on rock pi. Not boot. On screen message after kernel boot "Could not mount flash/SYSTEM".

    I'm make extlinux.conf and boot with radxa uboot. On screen message: Not found boot=LABEL.... . Replace to boot=/dev/mmcblk0p9 ... not found ...ha ... it place on /dev/mmcblk1p9 , emmc on mmcblk2 , nvme not found. This kernel only for khadas?