LibreELEC Addon settings doesn't extend wifi

  • Hi all.

    Im using a raspberry pi3 in one of my bedrooms.

    Im using the kodi remote app on android to control this device.

    The only problem is that my WiFi signal is weak in that room and my phone constantly changes from being on WiFi and being on my mobile data.

    I thought not a problem I'll use the built in libreelec ap to extend the wifi network in that room as the pi is plugged in via ethernet over home plug.

    Problem is that it creates a hot spot not problem, I can connect to the hot-spot no problem. But when I connect it tells me there is no Internet connection, even though it says I have full signal there is a explanation mark on the WiFi signal.

    Anybody no what this could be? I'm using latest stable 9.0.2


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    I've changed the topic title because the word 'app' has a different meaning.

  • It was suppose to say AP meaning access point.

    I assume spell check on phone phone auto corrected it lol.