stuck on kodi splash screen

  • not sure why im having this issue I have a pi 4 2gb is having issues when trying to use the official display kodi is stuck do i have to input a command on the micro sd card?

  • How are you writing the SD card? Try using the official SD card writer Here and you should not have any issues. Also make sure you are using the RPi4 image.

  • I am using the official downloader and have tried both pi 4 images. I also tested the SD card with h2testw and came back with no errors I am also using smartipi touch 2 case for the LCD I do get a picture and everything and on first boot it goes through the partitions and resizes but after the reboot it gets stuck on the Kodi Leia 18.4 splash screen if I take the pi out the LCD using the same cables and hook it up via HDMI Kodi boots fine