strange add-ons screen

  • Hi All

    First I would like to apologize for my poor english.

    I'm a newbie on rapsberry pi and libreelec. so maybe this can be an answer to my question ;-)

    I installed a fresh

    • Chorus version18.x-2.4.6
    • Kodi version18.2

    with a hifiberry DAC+. (it works, I can listen radio)

    When trying to install add-ons I have quite nothing on the screen :

    I put a screenshot in attachments

    no adding from repository, no zip file, nothing...

    Did I do something wrong ? Do I need to reinstall something ?

    the next question will be on add-ons radio who doesn't work at all ...


  • the whole addon managing/install etc is done from the Kodi menu, this is not possible through Chorus

    so you need access to the Kodi screen (maybe VNC is a solution here) that you can actually add/remove etc addons

  • Thanks a lot for this answer.

    I understand the dfference between a web interface and the direct connexion...

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