Hyperion addon does not work with inputstream.adaptive (Netflix etc.) with Pi4

  • because it is weird. the way i understand it is that this is the size to which the image gets shrunk for processing in hyperion. Now increasing these value drastically should increase load, no? But if the original problem is really connected with the RAM bandwidth of the RPI as HiassofT pointed out, then i am wondering how increasing the load fixes the problem... but maybe i am mistaken on something here...

    anyway. i have switched to Hyperion.NG which seems vastly superior to the old Hyperion in terms of accessibilty/features/you name it.

    The fix also works here by increasing width/height to 640x360 (default is 80x45 here). No more HDMI signal drop when playing 1080p 25fps / 50hz, so thanks again.

    if anyone is curios this is the automated install script one of the devs wrote to get Hyperion.NG on LE

    wget -qO- https://git.io/JvgVC | bash

    you control/configure hyperion.ng via http://IP.OF.YOUR.RPI:8090

  • I have also HDMI signal drops when playing widevine Videos. Doesn't matter if Hyperion or Hyperion.ng. Can you test it with amazon VOD plugin, maybe with Family Guy?

    Thank you!

    EDIT: interesting! At the Live-Video on Hyperion there aren't HDMI drops.

  • 4k never worked for me on LE with Hyperion

    on Raspbian+Kodi it is a hit or miss, i.e. sometimes it works, mostly it doesn't. HDR never works

  • Also sometimes kodi is rebooting by hisself if I want to choose a movie. Also very weard.

    But with full hd movies huperion is OK and with 4k is difficult to find out if it will work correctly or not.

    Do you have a picture off your whitelist?

    Should MMAL turned off or on?

    And what about the gui size?

  • try increasing internal grabber's width/height from 64 to 512.

    could you watch 4k with hyperion on it?

    how do you can go from internal grabber to external grabber? Because if you have both files on the path every time that you reboot the pi it is taking the internal grabber.