Hyperion addon does not work with inputstream.adaptive (Netflix etc.) with Pi4

  • Hi all,

    i have an Pi 4 with Libreelec 9.1501 (beta1) with hyperion addon (9.1.901.111).

    Hyperion works fine with "normal" movies/series.

    But if you use Netflix Plugin via inputstrea.adaptive (Software Decode 1080p) you´ll get regularly black screens for few seconds. 720p software decode works with more movies /series via netflix Plugin - but not all.

    If you deactivate the hyperion addon all movies/series via netflix works fine with 1080p.

    I have 2 log Files - the same movie with activated hyperion addon and one with deactivated addon.

    Without Hyperion:


    With Hyperion (bug):


    Can anybody check this pls ?

    Thanks in advance!

  • I've just watched Disenchantment S02E01 from netflix at 1080p24 with hyperion active on a RPi4 4GB and didn't notice and screen dropouts or other issues. So not quite sure what might be going wrong on your setup.

    A rather common cause for screen blackouts, especially with CPU demanding content like software decoded video or power demanding peripherals like USB HDDs or DVD drives are marginal power supplies - if you're not using the official RPi power supply (I use that here and it's fine) or if you have one or more bus-powered USB HDDs you might look into that.

    So far I'm only aware (and can reproduce) 2 major issues with Hyperion (more specifically the dispmanx grabber):

    4k playback with the dispmanx grabber / Hyperion active results in no signal on the HDMI output. There's currently no workaround or solution available, reason for that seems to be that the RAM bandwidth is just too high. This is a known issue and it will be fixed eventually (but seems to be a bit low priority - it needs to be fixed in the RPi firmware so not much we can do about it).

    The other issue I frequently see here is no HDMI signal at all after a cold boot (on my 4kp60 screen) if Hyperion is active. A simple workaround for that is to start Hyperion after Kodi has started, I'm using a simple systemd drop-in here to do that:


    ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/sleep 10

    Not exactly sure what causes the no-signal issue (could be something in the firmware), but with the drop-in workaround everything's been fine here in the last weeks.

    so long,


  • HiassofT,

    on my side its definetly Hyperion. I stopped the service via console and the 1080 playback works like a charme.

    I know that i didnt install Hyperion via Libreelec. Did that with the SSH Installer from the Hypercon App and changed the

    binary with one from here IIRC...

    maybe thats the problem?


  • Yes, please uninstall the old hyperion version and test with the hyperion addon from the LibreELEC repo - would be good to rule that out as it's a possible source for the issue.

    so long,


  • I think I could reproduce the issue, also got occasional black screens after I dropped "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" in config.txt.

    Can you check if adding that setting to config.txt fixes the black screen issue for you?

    Even if you just have a full HD TV and no need for 4kp60 output that setting should clock some core parts of the RPi a bit higher, maybe that's what's needed to get rid of the black screens...

    so long,


  • Hi HiassofT

    so, my setup is following:

    - Full HD TV 1080p

    - Kodi with Pi 4 and fresh LE Installation (9.2 final) with LE Hyperion Addon (

    - Whitelist in Kodi 1080p with 23.98, 50 and 60 Hz

    A make a video where you can see the problem. Most of Netflix series working with 720p (setting in input stream). if you going to 1080p with activate addon you got the issue. The same movie with deactive hyperion works fine.

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    I try your fix suggestion.


    Added in config hdmi_enable_4kp60=1 but not fixed ;(

    --> I have Hyperion Version. Is there a new file?

    I have the logs watching netflix with hyperion and without hyperion.

    Would it help?

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  • Yes, please uninstall the old hyperion version and test with the hyperion addon from the LibreELEC repo - would be good to rule that out as it's a possible source for the issue.

    so long,


    I killed the old Hyperion using the HyperCon Software and reinstalled it from the repo and copied my config.

    i added the "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" in config.txt but nothing changed.

    Hyperion+Inputstream.Adaptive with resolutions over 480p ends in massive blackscreens..

    would you mind posting your hyperion.config.json to compare grabber baudrate etc?


  • after a short look into your config i think you are using an arduino thats connected to the Pi for controlling the LEDs right?

    maybe thats where the difference is. i am using the GPIO port from the Pi to control the LEDs.

    i will take a deeper look when the kids are asleep