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    Yes, please uninstall the old hyperion version and test with the hyperion addon from the LibreELEC repo - would be good to rule that out as it's a possible source for the issue.

    so long,


    I killed the old Hyperion using the HyperCon Software and reinstalled it from the repo and copied my config.

    i added the "hdmi_enable_4kp60=1" in config.txt but nothing changed.

    Hyperion+Inputstream.Adaptive with resolutions over 480p ends in massive blackscreens..

    would you mind posting your hyperion.config.json to compare grabber baudrate etc?


    Works great with the RPi4!!

    Kodi interface is much smoother and quicker, the media preview images load much faster, and the temperature of the CPU seems to have come down by about 3ºC

    Video playback seems to be very smooth (at 1080p), but it already was with the first alpha..

    Thank you for all your work!

    I haven't looked at the temperatures but yesterday I experienced asynchronous video playback on a 1080p Netflix stream. Video was up to two seconds behind the audio but after a scene cut it was in sync again for 1 or 2 minutes. Maybe it has something to do with the cpu temperature.

    I'm using the Pi4 without a case but I have a hifiberry on the GPIO

    I got my Pi4/4Gb yesterday, flashed the Alpha Build and after some troubles with the HDMI port (black screen) I got it running.

    But now I have a problem with video playback that I cannot solve. Every video (no matter what resolution) I play seems to be "laggy" on faster camera movements. Means I have horizontal lines and a shifted picture.

    Will the exchange of the 2 files (.elf/.dat) solve that issue or is there another way to fix this issue?

    Sorry my english is a bit rusty..