List of S905/S905X Boxes that work with kszaq's build

  • Hi,

    I bought a Mecool BB2 Pro Aml S912 device. Unfortunately, for the issue described in this post, there is no solution now.
    So I thought to buy a S905 device and load, via SD card, LE as said here.

    Could I have the same problems or LE can solve this?

    Thanks to everyone could answer my question.


  • [S905X/2G/16G eMMC/4k] Bqeel M9C Max Smart Tv Box Android 6.0 Marshmallow Amlogic S905X Chipset H.265 HDMI 2.0 Video Decoder 4k.2k Output 2.4G WIFI Streaming Media Player
    It's working with "g" and also worked with "f". Dual boot with LE on sdcard (I''ll keep the android for drm content streaming). I used Reboot to LibreELEC app from Google Play to setup kszaq's build on sdcard (too scared or too lazy to install on nand :angel: ).

    Bqeel M9C Max [S905X/2G/16G]: LibreELEC always the latest community version

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  • Thanks guys.

    For me it's important not to see the green screen after install LE.

    I thought to buy the H96 Plus. It has 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-band WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet and 2G RAM. Could it go well?

    Or the NEXBOX A95X... but it hasn't WiFi ac, and I don't know if it has 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet.

    Both have the same price.


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  • Magnum - You probably should remove the direct links to sellers in your post (breaching forum rules) ;)

  • I have the android box which is in my signature and so far I didn't have any issues with it. I had a NPET S905X with similar hardware but it wasn't turning off.

    Zenbox Z11 Pro 2G/16G - 100M LAN - Wireless AC Qualcomm QCA9377 1-stream (433 Mbps) - LE

  • X96 1Gb/8Gb, Cheap well built s905x based box. I think this is similar to the a95 and mini m8 s but also has an external infrared receiver which could be useful for some people.

    So far installed libreelec on the SD card only to keep dual boot to Android, works great and reliable with just 1Gb.

    This box does not have bluetooth, only 2.4g Wifi and 100Mb Ethernet, both worked fine. CEC also worked fine on a Samsung 2016 smart TV.

    Hope that helps someone.

  • GooBang Doo ABOX A1 Plus 2 gbWorks fine from SD, haven't tested wifi.
    Ethernet it's ok and CEC connected to a 2015 panasonic tv

  • Magnum - You probably should remove the direct links to sellers in your post (breaching forum rules) ;)

    done... :D


    Could the H96 Plus S905 Quad Core 2GB DDRR3 work with LE?
    I know that no one can ensure Le works 100% with this box...

    Anyway I think it's a good starting point. What do you think about it?



  • Any of these available under 30/40 $?

  • Any of these available under 30/40 $?

    How much reading have you done ? Link #11
    This is not a shopping website.

  • How much reading have you done ? Link #11
    This is not a shopping website.

    Ok I will search that myself.

    How is the performance/ stability of the 905 vs 905X chip models ? I am guessing its good now given that its on the "List"??

    The difference between Amlogic S905X and S905 Android TV BOX | NEXBOX TV Box

    Based on this, is a 905X a better buy in todays date? Compared to a 905 (slightly older) and 912 (less support here)?

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  • Hello,

    this Box is working

    No links to sellers. Forum rules.

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  • No links to sellers. Forum rules.

    Sure. Can you atleast share thoughts on performance/ stability/ reliability etc on
    S905X vs S905 and
    1G/8G vs 2G/8G vs 2G/16G
    going forward?

    Just so we can make a call on a box (from the working/ approved list) ourselves.