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    1. wget -O /storage/
    2. echo "(python /storage/">> /storage/.config/
    3. reboot

    The custom update channels are reachable at 'http://localhost:8083/s805-HD18Q', 'http://localhost:8083/s805-MXQ', 'http://localhost:8083/s805-m201d', 'http://localhost:8083/s905' and 'http://localhost:8083/s912'.

    Thanks, i've tried this and seems to work great so far

    Hi kszaq,

    Not sure if it's already mentioned here, as searching through this thread is not possible.
    The last 3-4 seconds of a movie, serie or a clip the video freezes and the sound continues.
    A friend of mine has this issue and I also have this issue on both of my S905X devices (both on 8.0.0d).

    i'm having the same issue, and i thought the plex plugin was at fault but now i guess it's not

    Maybe I didn't read enough documentation, but I'm wondering if there's a sweet SSH command I can use to push the updates, rather than re-format and flash a fresh copy on my sd card. I'm completely fine re-formatting and restoring each update, but I'd be punching myself if there was an easier solution.

    I thank ANYONE in advance who replies

    My thread comment inspired more reading, I no longer need assistance.

    yes there is
    cd .update
    wget <url_of_the_tar_file>
    shutdown -r now

    et voilà

    Hello, first of all i must say thanks for the great work, i've installed on sd on my new amlogic 905x box and it came to new life (android experience was crappy)
    Everything works great except one minor flaw with hdmi-cec which fails to turn on the device when i switch to the box input or when i turn on the tv.
    Everything else cec-wise works great, the box turn off with the tv, the tv remote control the box etc... but i wish to put the box remote in a drawer so anybody has found a solution to have the box turn on automatically? thanks very much