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  • I'm one of many using LibreELEC on an SD Card on an Android device (I'm using WETEK Hub and Core). But Android won't 'see' the ex4 data partition created by USB-SD creator, it only sees the FAT LibreELEC partition (512Mb).

    I'd like to request an option to create the 2nd data partition as exFAT, not ex4, then users wanting additional storage space for their Android apps can do so as Android sees FAT and ExFAT partitions.

    (If there's anyway to get Android to use the ex4 partition then that would also solve the issue but I've not seen anything to do that)

  • What this have to do with Creator application? I would say nothing :)

    Just format your sd card to exFAT on Windows and you are good to go with android.


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    Just use Gparted to resize the storage partition manually and create another partition of your choice. There is no need whatsoever to create LibreELEC images with an extra partition by default.

  • You can't have the data partition (/storage) as exFAT, reason being that the Linux kernel does not support it and thus the initial ramdisk can't mount it. Sounds odd to me though that Android can't read ext4, as Android is Linux and ext4 is native to Linux.

  • But he is talking about Android. SO what is the connection between it and Creator app - that's the question ;)


  • Sounds to me like he wants the resulting /storage partition on the SD card to be useable by Android to install apps on? Makes sense to me, except exFAT wouldn't work for the above reasons.

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    Solution is in post #3 .. create the LE card and let it install/configure itself normally then resize the ext4 /storage partition to create a third partition on the card that you format as exFAT/NTFS/etc. to be used as media partition that's visible to both OS.