RPi4: Are there benefits of more RAM?

  • I would like to buy an RPi4. But I wonder if LibreElec would benefit from a Pi with more than 1GB RAM?

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    As with all computing stuff, buy the most you can afford at the time.

    1G Fine for basic use - All previous RPi had 1G or less and they all worked fine.

    2G Ideal if you can afford another $10

    4G Probably overkill - but it's only another $10 and it allows you to run more addons and other stuff - TVH etc.

    Remember that in 2020/2021/2022 (Whatever) there maybe a RPi5 so your choice is only going to be short term.

    I'd go for the 2G as is satisfies most solutions.

  • I use LE for media streaming (from an External HD) to my TV and to other RPIs around my house via the network.

    Aditionally I play retro games with retroarch.

    Will i get any benefit from the 4gb over the 2gb?

  • stable 50MB/s via qbittorrent via docker on sandisk extreme usb3 stick !

    new rpi4 is a beast!

    can do home nas and watch bdrips on it , nothing can stop that powerful demon.




  • Is that portainer and qbittorrent?