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    CvH and heitbaum,

    Thanks for your help with this. The problem was the version of fmt. The necessary changes have been made, so the code is complaint with 9.0.0, and I was able to build RPi4, Generic-Legacy and Generic successfully.

    I really appreciate your taking the take to help solve this.



    Seems the the failure is related to fmt. Could you say what version is used by LibreELEC? Was there a change? It was compiling earlier in the year?


    From the developer,
    The failure is caused
    "..part of the functionality provided by libfmt to format custom C++ types in log messages. It seems to work fine on all other platforms. Can you figure out which version of libfmt / fmt LibreELEC is using?"

    Thanks for the pointer and for including that the log showed the error. I had to remove a few more patches for the build to progress.




    The build has failed at a later stage, however, the indicates that it is in one of the MediaImport modules so I have informed the developer.

    Thanks for your help

    I am trying to build a branch of MediaImport, based 0n Kodi 20.02a, but it fails with the following error.

    FAILURE: scripts/build JsonSchemaBuilder:host has failed!

    If I build the LibreELEC master it succeeds but MediaImport fails.

    Branch -…media_import_20.0a2-Nexus

    Changes to the Kodi file

    1. PKG_VERSION="3e7c9fe8ea2c67c7b174781968fb71c3e23ffc34"
    2. PKG_SHA256=""
    3. PKG_URL="${PKG_VERSION}.tar.gz"

    I was able to build previous version using the same approach. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    I connect a phone (an old phone) to the hotel hotspot and use a usb cable to connect it the the libreelec box. I enable LibreELEC's hotspot feature and use that as my wifi hotspot. Only one device connected directly to the hotel network. Worked fine for me.

    Hope that helps.




    Does this seem like a lot of scripts for a fan and power button? Could this not be a part of LibreELEC settings addon?

    Please excuse my ignorance if I am being naive. I only want to get the fan working. I have actually been using LibreELEC without this script for a few months. It just seems a lot to get a fan working. I am no programmer so maybe it looks that way because of my lack of knowledge.




    Thanks for your guidance. You are right, it was relatiely straight forward to build LibreELEC. Thanks for that. I built a Ubuntu 20.04 server and followed the instructions here. I was able to build 9.2 branch and 9.8 (master). It has been a long learning curve not necessarily hard just long because it took nearly half a day when I tried to build different packages. But I have succeeded in building the branches I mentioned before.

    My current problem is that when I search for, I am getting maybe hundreds of hits. Could you provide a bit more specific guidance as the where I need to make those two changes.



    ssh into your pi

    bluetoothctl  - to start the bluetooth control program

    power on - to enable bluetooth service.

    Put your remote in discovery mode

    scan on - scan for pairable devices. The address, <dev>, and device name will be listed. Use the address, <dev> to pair

    pair <dev>

    trust <dev> - if you or your device needs it. ;)

    Exit - Quit bluetoothctl

    Exit - end ssh session

    I am not familiar with the enigma systems. However, multi in usually means that the audio signal is been decoded on the box and the discrete channels are sent to the AV Receiver. You are getting the discrete channels but you lose any specialized processing that your receiver does on Dolby Digital bitstream. Some people say there is no difference, others say there is. Believe your ears.

    I just checked mine and noticed the same thing. I use TV Headend. It could be the way PVR livestreams are handled. I am not sure. However, PVR Recordings pass the Dolby Digital bitstream, so all is not lost. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can chime in. I only really watch news on live tv. For movies and shows I watched recorded or ripped, so it has not been a problem for me.

    Sorry, but I cannot help some more.