Asking for a LibreELEC build for MediaImport

  • Montellesse's repo is forked from the upstream Kodi repo so it shouldn't be much harder than a one-line change to to build with a different PKG_VERSION using the githash of the last/latest commit in his repo. Also set PKG_SHA256="" .. and build. It's simple enough (and our build-system is simple enough) that the community can step up to do the building insteaf of increasing the output burden on a small number of developers. Hopefully the code for this goes upstream at some point..

  • chewitt,

    Thanks for your guidance. You are right, it was relatiely straight forward to build LibreELEC. Thanks for that. I built a Ubuntu 20.04 server and followed the instructions here. I was able to build 9.2 branch and 9.8 (master). It has been a long learning curve not necessarily hard just long because it took nearly half a day when I tried to build different packages. But I have succeeded in building the branches I mentioned before.

    My current problem is that when I search for, I am getting maybe hundreds of hits. Could you provide a bit more specific guidance as the where I need to make those two changes.



  • CvH Not sure you've pushed your branch already. If so, I couldn't find it. In any case, also interested in how you obtained the patch file and how you patched LE with it, as I'd like to compile CE Mediaimport builds to broaden the test user base (and test it myself) once Matrix is released...