Build Failure

  • I am trying to build a branch of MediaImport, based 0n Kodi 20.02a, but it fails with the following error.

    FAILURE: scripts/build JsonSchemaBuilder:host has failed!

    If I build the LibreELEC master it succeeds but MediaImport fails.

    Branch -…rt_20.0a2-Nexus

    Changes to the Kodi file

    1. PKG_VERSION="3e7c9fe8ea2c67c7b174781968fb71c3e23ffc34"
    2. PKG_SHA256=""
    3. PKG_URL="${PKG_VERSION}.tar.gz"

    I was able to build previous version using the same approach. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • one patch does not apply

        APPLY PATCH (common - drmprime-filter)      packages/mediacenter/kodi/patches/drmprime-filter/0001-WIP-DVDVideoCodecDRMPRIME-add-support-for-filters.patch
    patching file xbmc/cores/VideoPlayer/DVDCodecs/Video/DVDVideoCodecDRMPRIME.cpp
    Hunk #2 FAILED at 561.

    so just remove packages/mediacenter/kodi/patches/drmprime-filter/0001-WIP-DVDVideoCodecDRMPRIME-add-support-for-filters.patch and it should build

    you can try to manually adjust the patch that it fits to the different xmbc base but I do not think this is easily done

  • Thanks for the pointer and for including that the log showed the error. I had to remove a few more patches for the build to progress.




    The build has failed at a later stage, however, the indicates that it is in one of the MediaImport modules so I have informed the developer.

    Thanks for your help

  • From the developer,
    The failure is caused
    "..part of the functionality provided by libfmt to format custom C++ types in log messages. It seems to work fine on all other platforms. Can you figure out which version of libfmt / fmt LibreELEC is using?"

  • CvH and heitbaum,

    Thanks for your help with this. The problem was the version of fmt. The necessary changes have been made, so the code is complaint with 9.0.0, and I was able to build RPi4, Generic-Legacy and Generic successfully.

    I really appreciate your taking the take to help solve this.