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    Hi. Just received my rpi4 2gb and installed latest libreelec on it.

    I have very laggish stuttering movie playback and also interface have some vsync problems - so much horizontal lines when animation appeared.

    Only 700mb films works OK. 12-16GB Bdrips files works like on pentium 3.

    How to fix movie lags and turn vsync on?

    Done. Fresh install after format sdcard.

    I send music from my notebook to Kodi via pulseaudio.

    2 minutes ago i have an ancident: music still playing but Kodi was rebooted with 10sec black screen before.

    Music playing not stoped.

    Hello. I use RPi 2 with latest LE. My problem is OS often hangs and\or black screen appears. Sometimes it reboots himself, sometimes i must go and do power off. Today i rename .kodi folder and start my profile from a scratch. 20 minutes and... hangs.

    I have no overclock and my power supply is good. I see not rainbow square anyway.

    Please take my logs:


    For some reason few months ago i get lost access to ssh (port 22) to my Raspberry Pi 2 via LibreElec. May by after 2 years of LE upgrading w/o reseting..

    Settings > Services not working. So i change SSH to ON but putty and other programs can't see 22 port enabled.

    But if i do soft reset - ssh working.

    But i have soo much custom features so do not want to set up it from a scratch.

    Why ssh may be not working??

    I has shared Music folder on my PC. Problem is LE (latest beta) does not see this folder via SMB if Raspberry Pi was started after pc launch.
    So i have to reboot PC and after that RPi can see PC in network.
    Similarly RPi can't see other devices (2 laptops) if they was started before RPi.
    All devices in WORKGROUP.

    Problem only on RPi with LE.
    I have Kodi 17 on my PC and it can see all devices even if they was launched before PC.

    This is huge issue for me. I am from one step from buying NAS and want not have this problem..
    sorry for my english

    I mean i want to see Kodi power menu instead tv shutdown when i press power button.
    I can use Keymap editor and choose other button for show Kodi power menu, but i don't see this option in keymap editor.

    My panasonic remote via CEC shutdown TV when i press "power" button.
    How to fix that?
    My TV automatically power on and off when raspberry powering on/off.

    Hello. RPi 2 @900MHz
    I have this Hifiberry analog: Raspberry Pi Expansion Board
    My sound system connected to this card via RCA.

    Added dtoverlay=iqaudio-dacplus to /flash/config.txt
    Switched to ALSA in sound options.
    Problem is i have no sound in movies via I2S with OMXPlayer, working on HDMI to TV only. 3.5 mini-jack also output also not working.
    Switched to MMAL player - good, I2S have sound and my AC sounds cool.
    It is impossible to use MMAL because every few minutes i have 0.1sec stutters.
    Even if i press "volume+" key - film starting lag when volume bar is appeared on interface.

    I see 2 options:
    - I2S must send sound via OMXPlayer
    - MMAL must stop to stutter

    How to fix that?
    Thank you. Sorry for my english.