RPi hangs and reboots often

  • Hello. I use RPi 2 with latest LE. My problem is OS often hangs and\or black screen appears. Sometimes it reboots himself, sometimes i must go and do power off. Today i rename .kodi folder and start my profile from a scratch. 20 minutes and... hangs.

    I have no overclock and my power supply is good. I see not rainbow square anyway.

    Please take my logs:

  • Try a fully fresh rewritten LibreELEC installation on the SD card, and/or try a different SD card.

    There shouldn't be any problems with a new installation unless your Pi has a hardware problem.

  • Done. Fresh install after format sdcard.

    I send music from my notebook to Kodi via pulseaudio.

    2 minutes ago i have an ancident: music still playing but Kodi was rebooted with 10sec black screen before.

    Music playing not stoped.