PI4 and 3D mvc not working

  • I am running LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.1.001 on a Raspberry PI 4

    I ripped a 3D Blu-Ray using makemkv and named it with 3D_MVC so Kodi would know it was 3D (which it does)

    My projector uses frame-packed 3D which, as I understand it, is alternating frames of left and right and I have shutter-type glasses.

    3D works fine if I play the Blu-Ray on my DVD player, so I know the setup is correct.

    When played by Kodi the movie is shown in 2D. When the movie starts, Kodi asks me how to play the 3D and I pick "same as source" (or something like that) but it still shows in 2D

    My projector is 4K and Kodi is set up for 4K 60hz (using the hdmi_enable_4k in config.txt)

    Not sure what else I should be checking to get the 3D to play. I do have a Kodi log for the playback but I am not sure what to be looking for in it.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Yes Pi3 builds support 3D

    Does it matter which build i use whether it's v9.0 or 9.1?

    I assume the 9.1 is the latest and preferred build, but when you go to that page the 9.0 build (middle tab) is selected by default so I don't know what the difference is.


  • For anyone who wants to know, I originally installed v9.1 on the 3B+. When I ran 3D-MVC videos (possibly with all of them, but I didn't add anything but MVC to my Kodi library yet) the video would stutter/stop a lot and was not really usable.

    When i went into the update repositories and checked for LibreElec updates it said it found one, but it was the v9.02 version, which is actually a LOWER version number. I let it "update" the system and it ran stable after that.

    I'm guessing the v9.1 series is still beta maybe?

  • Hello there,

    what is the current state of 3D MVC capability on RPi4B? Has something had changed in the last three two months since the last post? Curious whether buying an RPi4B for 3D MVC is worth it already, or if it is still troublesome.