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    Please consider bringing this back. There’s still a lot of people out there who love 3D, and the options for playing it back via a kodi interface are all compromised in some way.

    Vero 4K is the box you're looking for. I can't think of any 4K issues on there. The exception is if you want to go really high-end and have dynamic tone mapping, but that's really video processor functionality that's only possible from a home theater PC or a dedicated processor box for $3K+. The only issue I have with the Vero is that it has issues with 3D on a few titles.

    Same question. It’s really insane how hard it is to find a reliable affordable box that does 3D & HD bit streaming. Rpi3 came close with rock solid 3D, but now I have an Atmos setup the lack of bitstreaming is a deal breaker. Pi4 with LibreELEC seems like it might be on track to provide both in an affordable package.