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    Hello there,

    what is the current state of 3D MVC capability on RPi4B? Has something had changed in the last three two months since the last post? Curious whether buying an RPi4B for 3D MVC is worth it already, or if it is still troublesome.


    I have never seen any 2160p60 H.264 content to be honest. All 2160p60 content is HEVC and as far as I know this is the only Codec that is intended for 2160p content. H.264 is an older codec that needs higher bitrates for comparable quality and as 2160p has four times the pixel count as 1080p (where H.264 was meant for) HEVC is the only sane way to go. That is why mostly no device supports H264 with a resolution of 2160p. It is not used by the industry, hence there is no content, thus no need to implement such capability in fixed hardware units.

    I've been told that RPi4 will support open "static" metadata standards (HDR/HLG) not the commercial "dynamic" ones like Dolby Vision which would require a license fee to be paid on every board sold. Not sure about Atmos audio, but if it requires fees I'd expect the position to be the same. I've asked for a clarification.

    While you are at it, could perhaps you ask if there was the possibility to make such an hypothecital Dolby Vision Licence available for purchase, just like the optional MPEG2 Licence, that one could buy for the old Raspberries? This would just be as awesome as Dolby Atmos Support :)

    Thanks for this incredibly exciting news of the day!!


    Thank you very much for your quick reply.

    That's a real shame, since still all the blockbusters are still released on 3D BluRay and all those discs in so many users collections :(

    Thank you through, and have a nice day :)


    Happy to read about coming Support for Odroid N2 :)

    Any idea about probability of 3D MVC Support on Odroid N2? Something on the Roadmap regarding this?

    Currently OSMC has almost finished its Support for 3D MVC and as their Vero is also based on AMLogic SoC there might perhaps be a soultion suitable for Odroid N2 or other S905yxz Hardware?

    Cheers and my very best regards

    Tested it 2 days ago. Cec seems not to work yet. I don't own a 4k tv, so cannot say anything about it.

    But automatic framerate switching worked during my short test. HD-audio is not there yet, but is worked on. The device speed feels pretty similar to Odroid C2. As it's a veeeery early stage, we may not expect too much now.

    me too, there are also some LibreElec-users, which are interested in 3D-MVC... 8)

    It isn't an issue for everyone, but for us...

    Well, that's unfortunately nothing that kszaq could implement just by the way... I hoped/asked because I wanted to know whether there are some guys working or planning to work on that. Apparently nothing changed, so RPi2/3 is the way to go if needed this function.

    According to this post [email protected] is working on frame packed output for his S905x based Vero4K box. If we're lucky, this could happen to become the basis for frame packed in other similar SOCs like this S905 one in Odroid C2.


    Regarding the 3D topic: Are there any plans reganding Frame Packed output, as I've read it might be possible with nougat kernel basically? And as follow up to frame packing: Is there even something new about MVC, since frame packing would enable the technical basis for FullHD 3D encoded as MVC format, just like the RPi does?

    This works great on my C2/arm! Virtually every isse is gone. It reacts reasonably fast to my phones control (skip, play/pause) and seeking is also working flawlessly done from my phone. Only glitches I see so far are that the shown elapsed time, which Kodi shows in current playing track (librespot) is always 2s ahead of the actual timestamp of the track: "04:11/4:13"- So the time after the slash is not that what I would expect, but that's not important.

    Second thing is that "shuffle" and "repeat" buttons in Android app have no effect if pressed.

    Awesome work, especially this 102b version!

    Okay, I'm still a bit confused, sorry for that...

    What is "spotify user" in your view?

    So far I understood:

    1. Librespot is the spotify connect reverse engineered api, so it is basically spotify connect (api), which streams directly from the internet, but is controlled via the smartphone app
    2. Even in Kodi-mode Librespot is controled via a [smartphone] Spotify app , which means it is like a chain consistenf of:
      • Smartphone app controls librespot on the RPi/C2
        • This controlled playback is then handed over as a stream to Kodi via ffmpegx/RTP, which introduces latency.
          • So basically it is still spotify connect, but simply with latencies and the benefit is that kodi knows and shows the playback
    3. Librespot receives the internet-audio-stream and hands it over as audio stream to kodi (in kodi output mode). So that means this Librespot streams to Kodi via ffmpegx/RTP is done locally on the LibreELEC RPi/Odroid, right? Currently there is not just latency, but it crashes almost always, but thats apparently another story.

    If my point 2.) is understood corretly by me. Then the unsuccessful control via smartphone app was caused by the changed api, or is this something that is still WIP? It is actually supposed to be controlled through, smartphone app, if issues are resolved, right?

    And where do I find in kodi the currently played playlist? Is the playlist not present because the audio is simply streamed to kodi from librespot via via ffmpegx/RTP without further infos (e.g. playlist info and track info) as a pure audio-stream?

    Thanks for your patience and the time you took to explain it ;)

    Since GDPR-1 released a new LE build, the kodi-output option finally started working :)

    Now I see what the aim was, to include this function:

    • Ability to control Spotify through KODI Interface
    • This was unclear for me and that's why I asked twice why you included this function (didn't know your itention)

    However there are some issues I'd like to mention and to get explained, if possible:

    1. (Using KODI output instead of ALSA:) After choosing [email protected] in my Android Spotify app the connection seems to have trouble getting established. It is mostly done successfully after the second attempt.
    2. The librespot service seems to crash after one track and [email protected] device disappears as an available spotify device in Smartphone App. I need to do librespot.start to get it appear again. Here's the log then:

      And a second attempt:

      LibreELEC:~ # librespot.start
      INFO:librespot: librespot ebeb776 (2017-07-08). Built on 2017-07-08.
      *** WARNING *** The program 'librespot' uses the Apple Bonjour compatibility layer of Avahi.
      *** WARNING *** Please fix your application to use the native API of Avahi!
      *** WARNING *** For more information see <>
      INFO:librespot::session: Connecting to AP ""
      INFO:librespot::session: Authenticated as "wmissal" !
      INFO:librespot::session: Country: "DE"
      thread '<unnamed>' panicked at 'called `Result::unwrap()` on an `Err` value: WireError("invalid value for enum: 12")', /checkout/src/libcore/
      note: Run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=1` for a backtrace.

      Two different issues here, apparently. And after that it dissappears again as available device in the smartphone app. Need to restart Kodi.

    3. Independently from the other issues: Once the connection works the song starts playing after ca. 5s on Kodi and plays for about 3s. Then the sound disappears, the timestamps seem to jump betweet 4 and 5 seconds up and down (like a hickup without audio)... this takes about 5 seconds and then the song proceeds to play. Observed this many times.
      Thats the log for this:

      "stream stalled"

    4. In kodi the showed playtime does not display the correct values. It is simply proceeding and doesn't start counting from 0 after the next song starts playing. It is always showing proceeding times like this: 06:48/06:56 with a delta of 8s between both times.

    5. Similar: In kodi I see how librespot is showing the now playing info: "Librespot 00:xx / 00:xx minutes", but I cannot find it in Music section of Kodi? How do I access the controls/playlist in Kodi then?
    6. Also playing a continuing playlist does not work apparently. After one song is finished it jumped only once to the next, and after that one playback stopped and crashed apparently (as the [email protected] device disappeard again). Mostly it does not even play the second song.
    7. Controls through smartphone (play/pause/skip etc.) seems to be without any effect? Perhaps supposed to be this way?

    That's a load of issues, so I guess it is platform specific here, isn't it?

    Is this mmal thing something raspberry specific? How does your addon work then on aarch64 systems like the official 64bit C2 builds? Is mmal mandatory for it, also in the future?

    Good that we know the issue now :)

    Nice approach!

    here you are (errors indeed):

    During this my Android app showed that track is playing on [email protected] But actually it did not.

    Then the device ([email protected]) disappeared from the overview of connect devices in android spotify app.

    Hope this helps to narrow it down somehow.