PI4 and 3D mvc not working

  • I've told you where the files are. You have full permission to use some initiative and see what happens.

    Sorry But I am a new here .

    Could you give me a link to the Files of the Last Best 3D MVC Support LE ?

    Thanks very much.

  • If you look at the USB-SD Creator tool, you'll see a button "Select file".

    Select your downloaded file and click on the Write button.

    Thank you ,

    And I need to configure Extra Settings on LE for play 3D MVC BlueRays ?

  • I know it'll take time,

    but I post this only to show and underline the interest in - it would be VERY NICE to have 3D MVC Support with Pi4.

    Actual I'm runnung two Pis (4+ for "normal" use, and a 3+ only for 3D) - but it would be more comfortable having only one Pi4....

    I have a huge Number of 3D Movies I love to see regulary on 110" "Screen" (called Beamer ;) - THEN 3D is very nice!

  • I’m in the same situation. I run a 3B for no reason other than 3D-MVC. I did buy a Vero4K+ But I still have three 3-D TVs. I’m not buying three of them.

    The ideal solution would be for someone to convince Nvidia to create 3D-MVC drivers for the shield…….;)

  • For TVs I agree totally it likes a puppet theatre on it - even on 55" - but on a 110" cinema screen it is great. And I think I'm not alone having a huge number of 3D movies and like to watch again :)

    BUT another question (I'm not a programmer) -

    wouldn't be possible, if Kodi running on a Pi4 and detects a MVC 3D File, to redirect it to a Pi3+ (running in parallel) and "restream" the file?

  • 3D is not currently supported under the GBM/V4L2 video pipeliine and adding support is not a high priority for the Pi Foundation devs. I've been told that adding TAB/SBS support in the future should be possible, but MVC requires more complex changes and MVC ISO support is unlikely to ever be added back to RPi4 (and RPi2/3 once they bump to GBM/V4L2). In the last 8-years of running distros on Pi boards some lessons have been learned and this time around we all (LE, Kodi and Pi Foundation devs) aren't interested in authoring and then maintaining 100,000 lines of code patches that can never be upstreamed to the respective projects 3D depends upon (kernel, kodi, ffmpeg, and more) - it defeats the point of moving everything to a clean upstream codebase.

    LE 9.2.6 remains the best option for 3D support.

    So i understand, that MVC support maybe will come in the future on Pi 4? I'd like to use MVC contained in MKV not in ISO, will this work in the future too?

    Thx to the Developing Team ;)

  • I just found this Thread and would like to state, that 3D mvc support is an essential feature for me too. Thanks for explaining the technical difficulties. I really hope this can be solved at some point in future.

    I enjoy watching 3D movies in my home cinema so much. But as long as there is no progress I'm forced to stay with my (already slightly under powered) Pi 3 B+ and LE9.x. So come on, devs. :) The 3D hype on small size TVs may be dead but there are so many home cinemas out there with beautiful large 3D screens and all major projector brands are still supporting 3D. Please move this issue a bit forward on your todo list. :)