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    For TVs I agree totally it likes a puppet theatre on it - even on 55" - but on a 110" cinema screen it is great. And I think I'm not alone having a huge number of 3D movies and like to watch again :)

    BUT another question (I'm not a programmer) -

    wouldn't be possible, if Kodi running on a Pi4 and detects a MVC 3D File, to redirect it to a Pi3+ (running in parallel) and "restream" the file?

    I know it'll take time,

    but I post this only to show and underline the interest in - it would be VERY NICE to have 3D MVC Support with Pi4.

    Actual I'm runnung two Pis (4+ for "normal" use, and a 3+ only for 3D) - but it would be more comfortable having only one Pi4....

    I have a huge Number of 3D Movies I love to see regulary on 110" "Screen" (called Beamer ;) - THEN 3D is very nice!