Raspberry Pi 3 questions

  • Hello,

    1) How can one disable the Raspberry Pi temperature warning (thermometer symbol) ?

    Note I do not actually experience regular warnings...I merely want to disable the warning

    2) With Wifi turned off in LibreElec settings add-on, is the wifi chip in a Pi3 fully disabled? (ie no power going to it)

    If not, how can one fully disable it ?

    3) How can one minimize logging to SD card (to preserve its life etc) ? Is it sufficient to disable logging in Kodi settings ?


  • 1) AFAIK you can't disable the warning as it's build into the kernel, I guess you could try and compile it your self, but why bother. The RPi3 is not known for overheating unless you are doing something past normal Kodi usage,

    I would look to see what is causing the overheating - addons, visualisations, playing x265 videos etc. Otherwise install a heatsink, increase the ventilation or add a small fan.

    2) I guess there might be a small amount of power going to the wifi but it will be negligible. I remember a similar question on the Raspberry website and the answer was to unsolder it ^^

    3) Most logging on LE is done in RAM so there is very little SD I/O to the SD card. Most SD cards are pretty resilient nowadays so it's not something to be concerned about. If you are *really* worried and you have a RPi3B+ you can boot LE off a USB stick or a SSD in a caddy.

  • Thanks for reply

    1) I do not experience regular temperature warnings. I specifically said that I did not, to avoid discussion about heatsinks etc.

    I merely wish to disable the possibility of the icon ever showing, the reason is immaterial.

    I found this:


    As usual you can override the behaviour in config.txt if you understand the risks:

    avoid_warnings=1 removes the warning overlay.

    avoid_warnings=2 additionally allows turbo when low-voltage is present.

    can it work in LibreELEC ?

    2) Thanks

    3) Thanks

  • Well I certainly cannot see the "specifically" in your initial thread. Not too sure I wish to help you any more.

    I was not having a go at you mate. I tried to phrase the question in a way to avoid uneccesary discussion. But it did not work, this is my bad, not yours.

    Thanks for your help

  • Well, you risk to break your device if you disable heat warning. Going into that kind of risk forces the big "Why?" question. Intelligent people love to know why. Anyway, I never had a heat warning on my passive-cooling RPi3B+.

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  • I live in a hot place and sometimes I get the warm icon. The normal temperature of my RPi is 60°.

    I don't use fan, just use with sinks, because my RPi run 24/7 side my TV and fan make an irritante noise (at least what I have).

    What I learn using the Pi is that heavy things like some skins make this, so if you understand the limitations of you (and mine) device and not try heavy things you can running without problem.

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