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    Okay, I eventually figured it out.

    First I have to run this (I don't know what it is or why I need to run it .... )

    1. curl -sL | bash -

    Then I have to create and edit the xiaomibtremote.evmap file

    1. nano .config/xiaomibtremote.evmap

    My file looks like this:

    4. KEY_F5 = KEY_INFO

    I am not sure if this will be my final configuration but it suits my using pattern better than the default configuration.


    I have Raspberry Pi 3 and Xiaomi Bluetooth remote.


    It works fine, but the default keymap does not suit me, how can I change the function of some buttons ?

    "Stop updating" sounds a bit crude, your machine will work, just not with LibreELEC 10+ as it stands right now. Most add-ons should still be available and update-able in a standalone solution upto Kodi 18, but people using shared SQL Kodi video/music libraries will not be happy, all "thanks" to Nvidia's change of direction in video drivers, there is currently no viable successor for its VDPAU driver in LibreELEC/Linux.

    One alternative is a cheap Android box type of box, which performs pretty well these days graphics-wise. More and more support is in the pipeline as you already read in the new blog post.

    Will Nvidia ION machines still have video acceleration in LE 10 ?

    If Your PC supports Wake On LAN then maybe Your router is capable to sen WOL command to it...

    On OPEN/DD-WRT and similar based routers You can use router to wake up WOL compatible devices...

    My router is ISP locked-down but I do have an always-on Rpi with LE on same network so maybe I can send a schedule WOL packet from that. I was hoping not to involve other machines for simplicity/reliability reasons but I guess I can try something like that.



    I have LE 8.2.5 running on an x86 machine. It is in suspend mode when not in use (I think S3).

    Is it possible to set a wake timer in order to resume from sleep automatically at the same time every day (eg 3am) ?

    I found reference to but I am not sure if it will suit my purpose nor how to use it.



    Basically I want to send a media file to my LE machine (at home) while I am in another location (eg office). So the file is already there when I come home.

    The machine doing the 'send' is a windows machine so whatever solution needs to be compatible. The LE machine receiving the file will be powered on (of course).

    I am aware of BTSync so that is one possibility I will look into. But I am not really looking for a 'sync', I just want to push a file.

    Are there other solutions ? I don't know anything about that an option ?

    Hi, thanks for info.

    Will it ever work out of the box without scripts? I am planning to order a couple but at least one will be for someone else and loading on scripts would be a no-go. I thought the latest beta changelog mentioned support for it.

    I have two models of the remote. One uses a CR2032 coin battery and the other uses two AAAs. Both are good, but the CR2032 model is weighted (I actually disassembled it to see) and feels more substantial in the hand, despite being about 5mm thinner. I suspect (but haven't verified) the AAA model is classic Bluetooth, and the CR2032 Bluetooth Low Energy (which would explain the battery differences).

    Overall though, they can't be beaten for the price. Clickiness, size, feel and response time are fabulous and far better than what you'd normally expect for a $10 remote. Wrxtasy deserves great credit for getting these working. I bought several about this time last year and held onto them—despite no proper support or ability to use them—because I knew eventually that others would see the quality and want to get them working with LibreELEC.

    Thanks for reply.

    They are working out of the box now (since latest beta) ?

    Have you seen them cheaper than this anywhere?

    Original Xiaomi Mi TV Box Bluetooth Remote Control 2 10 m 360 Degree Smart Remote Controller For Xiaomi TV,TV Box 3 3c 3s 3pro-in Smart Remote Control from Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group


    I was thinking of getting a Fire TV remote (model CV98LM) to pair with RPi via bluetooth. This model:

    Does anybody use this remote? It works okay, has good range and response ?

    Thanks for any imput