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    Hello all. I tried couple of 4K HDR10 movies (Spider Man No Way Home, The Matrix Trilogy, LOTR Trilogy) and realized that the picture is more saturated and much darker than it is on Samsung Q60 TV's native player. Some scenes are just unwatchable. Even i fiddled with the TV settings and it is still darker. I wonder if anyone has this problem. I can confirm that TV recieves the HDR signal and it auto switches to HDR mode. I would use the native player but it doesn't passthrough Dolby True HD atmos but only DD Plus Atmos to soundbar. By the way my RPi 4 is connected to Samsung HW Q70 soundbar.

    I also connected my laptop with HDMI and played HDR content without any darkness issues with the same movies.

    Thank you very much.

    The HDMI UHD Color is enabled on your TV?

    • Find and select “Settings” on your TV.
    • Select “General,” and then select “External Device Manager” .
    • Scroll and select “HDMI UHD Color.”
    • Select the HDMI port that your rPI is connected to turn on

    One of the major missing features on RPi2/3 is GPU accelerated HEVC playback - which means HEVC is practically unusable. Not sure if or when this will be added, it's very tricky and other missing features like deinterlacing (which is also important for RPi4) have higher priority.

    I always thought that HEVC was a hardware thing and wold never see this on rpi3, but now is like there's a light in the end of the tunel.

    They're letting us dream kkkkk


    I just wanna share my .service file for mount a driver of rclone, because is always help for someone that starting.

    I'm not an expert, so somethings that I'm using here maybe be a placebo. If you know more please share some thoughts about.

    I'm using this to play files of google drive, without problem, in a raspberry pi 3b with LibreELEC 9.2.6 version.

    You can find help about instalation of rclone here: RE: [Solved] Rclone and encryption

    To create this you have to access LIbreELEC by ssh.

    Use this command to create a file in the proper folder (the name of file I choose is "gdrive"):

    nano /storage/.config/system.d/gdrive.service 

    put this text inside:

    Ctrl+x to save and y to confirm

    Now run systemctl enable gdrive.service to enable the service and systemctl start gdrive.service to start it

    Hope help!


    I don't know why this are happening, but when I access some files using the library ('till now only in tv show library) makes Kodi crash. If I access this same file using Kodi file manager it play normal. And yes, sometimes I even't press the play button and Kodi crash at episode info page.

    My infos:

    • My devices is a Raspberry Pi 3b;
    • LibreELEC version 9.2.6;
    • Media is in a rclone mount.

    Kodi crash logs:

    znaf, is like the Da Flex point. You have to type mount -o remount,rw /flash to enable the writing, and then add the cgroup_enable=memory at the end of the line that already exist. After this type mount -o remount,ro /flash to put in read only again, save and reboot.

    To check if is working you can use the command

    systemctl status service.radarr.service (or sonarr, jackett) and look if the Memory word shows.

    I recommend too reboot the device once a day to clean memory. This can be done automatically using cron.

    Use crontab -e to open cron, add 30 7 * * * systemctl reboot kodi to reboot once a day at 7:30am (change the time to your liking).

    StopDirectory is set to /storage in /storage/.kodi/addons/service.rutorrent/rutorrent/conf/config.php. The highest directory rutorrent can reach is therefore /storage.

    To solve your problem, symlink your SD card somewhere under /storage.

    I recommend against editing config.php, because changes will be lost whenever rutorrent is updated.

    I was going to ask that today. Glad it has already been answered.

    I case someone wants this too, just need to do this:

    ln -s /path/to/file /storage

    Source: How can I symlink a file in Linux? - Stack Overflow

    Hi Thoradia,

    wanted to check if it's ok to use the built in updaters for radarr or sonarr, the current radarr version in the install doesn't support deluge v2 properly (an authentication issue) and it's causing issues for me, but has been fixed since.

    Thanks for all your work by the way.

    There's no problem, you can update.

    Jackett update automatically, so don't worry (you probability have noticed that already).

    And Jackett running with root privileges it's because everything run this way in LibreELEC, but this don't affect anything.

    After the latest update on Rpi4 I'm getting stuck installing/updating mono. It always get's stuck at "installing 33%". I think it broke mono. When I restart Libreelec, radarr and sonarr does not start anymore. Bazarr works though?

    Edit: Nevermind. Works fine with a clean install of libreelec. Must have been some kind of issue with my setup.


    Today I updated my rPI 3b to LibreELEC 9.2.0 and now I'm with this exact same problem.

    Any thought about how to fix this?