Nightly images for A64, H3, H5, H6 and R40 boards

  • Hi Jernej,

    As I mentioned above I am very happy with recent final Kodi updates on my Plus 2E, but there appeared one bug that is really annoying and I don't remember it to be present in earlier RC updates.

    As I said, I have a PVR Simple client and I watch IPTV HD channels. So after some period of time watching, some HD channels begin to produce video lags (they seem to be video hardware, not internet buffering issues). The only way to make these channels work fine again is to reboot Kodi! And I have to do it few times a day, or even more often. I have another TV that plays these same IPTV channels from the same IPTV provider and the same playlist and everything is fine with it, so it really shouldn't be an internet provider problem...

    The only thing I can't know is weather this problem is related to IPTV Simple client, or to the Kodi video playback itself...

  • Depends which board you have. Common mistake is to use non-plus image on plus board. Ethernet is slightly different.

    alright, thanks, my error, i needed the (+) image, not the normal a64. however, it seeems nightly is only available in a64,

    or is the nightly for a64(+) the one ending in .tar here

    alright, thanks, my error, i needed the (+) image, not the normal a64, or is the a64(+) the one with .tar ending here

    Index of / ?

  • image for pinea64 (librelec10) is totally unstable; would boot, hang during setup screen, would start again, after some 10-20 seconds screen would start to shift from left to right and hang.

    are there any repositories left with the older images? thanks.

    i can approve this was fixed (thanks to jernej) and i've been using it successfully since then

  • I'm happy to test things, but I don't really understand the issue. I guess fundamentally, I don't understand what it is that makes this a non-issue on my Rpi-3B+, but a problem for my orange-pi-pc with the same TV and hdmi connection.

  • iptv.simple was just updated in repo (some bugfixes), maybe you can first test with updated version when it's available. If it still doesn't work, then full debug log would be nice.

    Dear Jernej, I have the PVR Client for about a week and it seems to be the latest version in repo.

    I can't find were should I enable the SSH in Kodi. I remember it was in services in old Kodi 16, but in this new I see only HTTP and SMB1-3 setup. So I can't access Kodi through SSH with my login and password as they are specified for HTTP. Please help! Thanks in advance!

  • LE settings Add-on > Services. In Estuary skin the add-on is linked in Kodi settings. In other Skins you may only find it under Program Add-ons.

    chewitt, many thanks! Just forgot there is LE settings menu! 😊

    Please enable debug logging and execute pastekodi in ssh after the issue is observed. It will upload all relevant logs and generate URL. Hopefully it will reveal something useful.

    jernej, I have got the log file (7 MB). Should I upload it to some file share and provide you a link? Or you can just PM me your Email and I would send it to you directly.

    I have to say that today I could replicate this bug. To do it you have to start playing some HD IPTV channel and then to start navigating the menu fast. The video on the background starts to lag in this case and then it stays doing it even when you close all menus and leave only the video channel playback. The reboot solves it back to smooth playback.

    P.S. I have updated to LibreELEC-H3.arm-10.0-nightly-20210409-d6594c8-orangepi-plus2e.img yesterday and made the log on this version today.

    2 P.S. I have to add that my IPTV provider has FHD (60 Hz) channels and HD orig (without compression) channels along with usual HD channels and this bug seems to appear after either FHD, or HD orig channels are played. I suppose it could be because they are heavier for hardware. But they are all HD 1080p anyway.

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  • Jernej, I have sent you a PM with URL. I suppose I've read on my IPTV forum that HD orig channels are streamed with no compression (aka original quality), but may be I am wrong. I can ask them to say more detailed about these channels...

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  • levitsky86 From the log I see that your base is relatively old - you just update base OS but not bootloader and also extlinux.conf has missing parameter. I strongly recommend that you try fresh nightly image. If not, at very least, add vmalloc=320M to end of APPEND line in extlinux.conf. This should get rid of vmap allocation for size 3137536 failed: use vmalloc=<size> to increase size messages, which might be the reason for your issues.

  • Jernej, just want to clarify that you are talking about files that are on my SD card. Because I have a very old image installed on my EMMC (Kodi 16) but the new Kodi 19 with nightly updates is located on my SD card.

  • Got it! Many thanks, I would try to reinstall with new nightly image. Oh, and are those PVR Simple clients suitable for Plus 2E that are in

    Images and updates on the first page? Or should I build (compile) my own PVR client as it was earlier? I see there are ARMv7 and ARMv8 PVR addons. Would they suit my board?