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    Depends which board you have. Common mistake is to use non-plus image on plus board. Ethernet is slightly different.

    alright, thanks, my error, i needed the (+) image, not the normal a64. however, it seeems nightly is only available in a64,

    or is the nightly for a64(+) the one ending in .tar here

    alright, thanks, my error, i needed the (+) image, not the normal a64, or is the a64(+) the one with .tar ending here

    Index of / ?

    thanks, already seen :)

    someone has scrapped the older kernel images, bad idea, as those were seemingly more reliable most of the time.

    sorry, but i must have downloaded the wrong images, the ones for my board are the ones with the (+), not the normal a64 images it seems.

    should settle then.

    Something like that was fixed about a week ago. Which image did you try? Try latest nightly image.

    Only latest nightly and beta1 images are available, but beta1 won't work for you.

    thanks, i have 2 images here, one is nightly-20210407 i am testing now;

    the original libreelec for pine a64 had separate images for 512 and 1gb/2gb a64 versions?

    ok, sadly i have not saved probably enough of those earlier images, that could now come in handy.

    its totally buggy, the worst ive downloaded so far; sorry to say that, buts true.

    you did however not get my point, i am not able to download any images with the software; am just able to write images to sdcard that have been previously downloaded and inserted via "select file".


    i have downloaded usb-sdcardcreator.win32 for windows 7 64bit and separate image librelec 10 for pinea64.

    however, id like to download also older images if possible,

    but the software does not show any hits when i click on the "select version" field on the right next to "allwinner a64".

    ticking "show all" does not change anything.

    i tried with normal privileges and also with admin rights.

    could this be related to me using windows 7 64bit?


    Thanks, i was already looking for such an adapter, but have not resolved yet. Was thinking of putting a SataHDD maybe 750GB or more but an SSD would certainly even better respond.

    The one curious thing is that i have a .mkv made from a Bluray 1080p via makemkv that i put on a USB stick and play from there in ATV1 with OpenElec 6.0.1 (after i found that in OSMC it would mostly fail to playback from internal AND USB).

    The codec shown in makemkv is Mpeg4 AVC [email protected]

    and the mkv would yield around 50-60fps on a Pine64, around 50 on a Rock64, and only 6 fps on the Raspberry Pi2-B (with the 2codecs correctly enabled via serialnumber).

    on the ATV1 with BHCD915 it would be around 12-24 fps but playback would abort at around 6 minutes 12 seconds or so.

    the audio would continue but the picture would stall, which i found rather strange.

    would you please investigate this?


    Thank you very much for your help.

    EDIT: actually the Rock64 performs less with around 25Fps so probably the driver is not so evoluted with Rockchip for Libreelec yet; also the Rock64 is very unstable, no matter what software i use; probably i got a less stable unit. the PineA64 however is most stable and performs well - was impressed by it from the start.

    well, i have an raspberry1 model b and raspberry2 model b and both function well for video playback (but only after i purchased for both the codecs) but for playback also the atv seems still capable ... the atv seems to hold up well ... will do some more testing and then decide what to do with this legacy device. if the video output functions, i could use it with an older TV set with only Scart-port i presume.

    i would have another question as i am wondering if the broadcom bchd715 that installed is operative. playback 1080p but some files stutter in audio and frames are low - this on osmc and openelec.

    read that last openelec with crystalhd support is around version 4.2 but i got version 6 for appletv1 and frames for 1080p mkv is depending on codec around 25fps to 10-12fps so i wondered if i would be better off with an older version of openelec like version 3.0 or 4.0-4.2 (but could not find any files to download yet).

    Thank you very much.

    Hello ,

    i tried the OSMC and it functions well but sometimes a bit unstable so i was wondering if it would be possible to *backport* the included add-on PVR-iptvsimple for OpenElec on the AppleTV?

    'Thank you very much.

    hello , i found a quite stable solution (after even testing mac os server 10.6.8) by using the *nfs* option provided by kodi

    all i had to do was to use terminal in mac osx 10.6 according to this post

    NFS exports and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard – revolution34

    i just created this file


    and inserted something like

    /Users/test/Movies -maproot=test

    or other directions and after updating the whole as suggested by the article with

    sudo nfsd checkexports


    sudo nfsd update

    the nfs share was active after short time.

    the trick that did it on my computer was to leave away the last part *

    -network -mask

    it seems most stable and accessible also after changing from one raspberry to another etc., finally withouth the need to restart anything on the mac-serverside.

    don't know however if i created a big hole security-wise.