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    insulator thank you,

    my remote also has red, yellow, blue buttons, but those seem not active under libreelec , even after i install add-on (maybe this is the one you are referring to?)

    Add-on:Keymap Editor - Official Kodi Wiki

    and putting the keymap you shared as gen.xml into


    Keymap - Official Kodi Wiki

    maybe for the remote another key-id is needed, but how could i read the proper id out, if the remote is just a tv remote with no usb dongle?

    the tv is a low-end sharp ().

    Hello ,

    i have sort of question / request (if not already implemented)

    when using LibreElec now it would function also with the normal TV Remote which is a very nice feature, thank you very much for that.

    Now there are some situation were i still would need the keyboard;

    there are some files, which i would play after bringing up "Play" Command via RightClick or longPress of Enter on Keyboard.

    this would be needed for .iso files or .dvdmedia.

    now , with the remote this seem not function;

    when i "longpress" Enter on REmote, it would just go through the file structure,

    maybe this is just a limitation of that specific remote, if not, please take it into account.

    would also like to mention that the latest LibreElec 11.0.6 would no longer boot or show output on our older TV (nearing 20 years of age) with direct HDMI connection.

    The older images 19.5 and 18.9 function just fine on the same TV (especially 18.9 is fluid) , however the newest just wont output any video. It seems the same Rock64 image function however just fine with LibreElec 11.0.6 on a newer Computermonitor.

    took a look @hifiberry , however, there seem no board offered for 3.5 mm headphone jack (the last remaining is sold no longer, besides OEM) , so would be nice if the 3.5mm headphone jackbe accessible OOTB.

    Shop | HiFiBerry

    EDIT: oh, i did not look carefully enough, ther are some "pro" variant DAC that have also the 3.5mm jack, but those cost around the size of a complete Raspberry Pi, therefore not so attractive.

    That codec info you provided confirmed it's not an interlaced issue as the video in that file is progressive.

    well this is tech-talk that i dont fully speak, however, i have a NAS now which let me convert these files into other format, so the issue is minor; but still it would be nice to know why the Rock64 is struggling so much with these files;

    also one box i have here M96 or something (RK3318), which has RKMC or so installed (specific for Rockchip) has same issue, is struggling alot with VC1, so it make no fun;

    hopefully, the RockPro64 could be easily playbacking those. (seems a much better hardware)

    noggin thank you for the clarification on makemkv,

    i have read somewhere that VC-1 come in very differnt implementation, and some codec are not so well supported.

    also, the codec on RP1 says WVC1 or similar, when entering the key, but it playback vc1 very good.

    however, the Rock64 supposed to have VC1 playback hardware, but not so well function


    one known offender is having these info

    and like other VC1 it playback for some time on the Rock64 and then stop and reboot<

    this happen mostly only with VC1 so i suppose the Hardware Decode is not for all VC1 codec, or my unit is a bit faulty *morelikelythecase, or the implementation on LibreElec is not fully taking advantage of Rock64 capabilities?

    Hello ,

    yes the newer LibreElec is mostly very stable for the RK3328 Rock64 , however it still would struggle with the VC-1 content, slowing down and eventually reboot. dont know why, as it supposed to have to hardware decoding for such content. maybe the Bluray rips via makemkv is using a codec that is not so well supported?

    now with the rp3 b+, the playback is smooth *with hardware keys for vc1, but again, have to disable wifi everytime manually if i load another OS, which is cumbersome.

    hope to find another SBC that could work well with LibreElec sometime later.

    thank you,

    that was helpful, now it reads


    # Disable Wifi

    rfkill list
    0: hci0: bluetooth
    	Soft blocked: no
    	Hard blocked: no

    and aftwer adding the line for bluetooth


    the reading says

     rfkill list
    LibreELEC:~ # 

    however, when compared to Raspberry Pi1 , the RF reader gives still rather high reading, even with WiFi and Bluetooth OFF, so i would say mission only partly accomplished.

    Is there not a BIOS switch to disable more properly the WiFi+Bluetooth?

    EDIT> it seems the reading is comparable to the Raspberry Pi1 after the switchOFF of WiFi+Bluetooth, so would like to retract the prior statement of higher readings<

    but still , it is nowhere an ideal solution.

    Hello ,

    i just got a fancy new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+,

    and trying to figure out how to disable WiFi with Libreelec installed?

    Please let me know how to do it.

    this post here seem suggest to go to /boot/config.txt but it does not seem present in libreelec.


    How do I turn off wifi? - Raspberry Pi Forums

    thank you

    it says

     rfkill list
    0: hci0: bluetooth
    	Soft blocked: no
    	Hard blocked: no
    1: phy0: wlan
    	Soft blocked: yes
    	Hard blocked: no

    however, i would like both Bluetooth + Wiùfi "HardBlocked" as best as possible, thanks.

    tested again with the Raspberry Pi 1,

    would have to correct myself, the CEC feature function beautifully with Libreelec 9.0.2.

    Have ordered now the Raspberry Pi 3 B, hope it is a good choice, since the other SBC have here struggle with the VC1 codec playback (those from Bluray)

    Hello ,

    i have on Rock64 SBC and several other Raspberry Pi/Pine Board,

    and noticed that when i install Libreelec on Rock64,

    can use TV remote out of the Box with the Unit which is very handy.

    However, the Rock64 is unstable , so would like to use another SBC instead for Libreelec.

    Could you please advise on what i need to lookout on specs for SBC to achieve the same with a newer SBC (compatibility with IR Remote) without need for additional devices like FLirc.

    or could you advise for a good SBC with Librelec compatiblity?

    Have thought of N2*plus but it is rather expensive.

    The same functionality is not found when i would install Librelec on a Raspberry Pi1 or 2 or Pine64 A64 out of the box.


    thank you for the good answer,ùì have found out myself in meantime that this is the case. finally the rock64 seems stable enough with kodi20 libreelec so i can use that board for 10bit (used to crash very often, latest release seem stable; maybe i just got a bit wanky unit).

    will save some money then for a later board like quartz64 or odroid n2+ the likes.